Coffee in Dumbo (For Every Type of Coffee Drinker)

Coffee in Dumbo

Whether you’re an exhausted parent, an office worker, or a tourist who’s been on his feet all day — it’s essential to know where to get a good coffee.

So where do you go for coffee in Dumbo? It depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for fresh roasted Kenyan beans, or a delicious snack to go with it? Do you want a place to sit and plug in your computer? Here are a few of the best places in the neighborhood to get coffee, for every type of coffee drinker.

For Chocoholics
If you like mocha lattes, or hot chocolate, it would be silly to get it anywhere else than Jacques Torres Chocolate. Their rich, complex, and decadent chocolate may convince you of the Aztec tale of Quetzalcoatl, who got in trouble with the gods for sharing the heavenly drink with humans. There’s not much space in Jacques Torres for hanging around, but let’s face it — if you take your mocha or hot chocolate to go, you’ll probably finish it before you walk halfway down the block.

Above: Jacques Torres Chocolate. Photos by Jeff Scherer.

coffee-in-dumbo-brooklyn-roasting-companyAnother busy afternoon at Brooklyn Roasting Company

For Coffee Snobs and Virtual Workers
Brooklyn Roasting Company roasts their own coffee in their generous Jay Street space, and supplies shops and restaurants around the borough. They do a brisk business caffeinating Dumbo’s families, tech workers, creative types, and tourists in the know. Their many tables, made of reclaimed industrial materials, are full of folks working on laptops from early morning to closing.

Coffee in DumboBrooklyn Roasting Company in the West Elm Market

If that store is too far from where you are, and you prefer the slightly surreal experience of nursing your latte in the middle of a hip furniture store, there’s also a Brooklyn Roasting Company counter in the West Elm Market on Washington Street.


Coffee in DumboStarbucks

For Brand Loyalists
If you need your fix of Starbucks, and nothing else will do, you will pleased to know there’s one in Dumbo. It’s best described as, well, like a Starbucks!


Coffee in DumboA cortado and a pumpkin whoopie pie at One Girl Cookies

For Ambience (and Cupcakes)
One Girl Cookies is your place for an afternoon coffee if what you’re really craving is cookies, cupcakes, or my personal favorite, pumpkin whoopie pies. With its big windows looking out onto the street, its huge wall murals, and its distinctive color scheme, it’s also the prettiest place in Dumbo for a lazy afternoon coffee with friends. Their full coffee menu includes the usual suspects, including espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and cortados.


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