07/08/13 2:39pm

Prospect Street

(55 Prospect Street on the near left, 117 Adams Street on the near right, 81 Prospect Street on the far left, 77 Sands Street on the far right)

Real estate investment firm RFR and Kushner Companies today announced that they have entered into a contract to acquire six properties in Brooklyn from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society for $375 million. According to the press release (July 8, 2013), Jared Kushner (of Kushner Companies), Aby Rosen (of RFR), and Asher Abehsera (a former Two Trees Management Company executive) teamed up to purchase the portfolio of buildings which total 1.2 million square feet of commercial space. The buildings include:

  • 117 Adams Street
  • 175 Pearl Street
  • 55 Prospect Street
  • 81 Prospect Street
  • 77 Sands Street
  • 90 Sands Street

These buildings are included as part of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle master plan and could be key buildings in the development of the plan for creating appropriate commercial space and connectors between Dumbo, Navy Yards, and Downtown Brooklyn.

90 Sands Street is a 30 story, 500+ room residential building will be turned over vacant at closing in September, according to a NY Post story.

According to the Post, the Jehovah’s Witnesses moved their headquarters to Brooklyn in 1909. As part of their plans to move to Warwick, NY, they have been selling off a 34-building portfolio, including lots in Dumbo at 173 and 177 Front Street as well as 200 Water Street in April 2013.

175 Pearl Street

(175 Pearl Street)

Full moon over 90 sands
(90 Sands Street, Photo by a.pitch)

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06/14/10 3:57pm

Anyone see this today?

Etched in Asphalt/Wide View

In a photo taken by joshderr, he noticed construction on the corner of Prospect and Jay Street before realizing that it is some sort of art work. He says:

What initially appeared to be road work at the corner of Prospect and jay street in DUMBO turned out to be some sort of art project (Street art taken literally?). New asphalt was laid down with a swirling flourish design sunk within. Given that laing down asphalt is a fairly labor-intensive job, and doing it cleanly requires heavy equipment, it is doubtful this was done by a single person. Aside from the DOT branded cones surround it, no artist name or credit otherwise was found. Ideas people?

Here’s another detail view on flickr. If this is in fact art, who is the artist?

04/22/09 12:33pm

(Photo by Josh Derr)

The parking lot at Old Fulton and Prospect Streets will close permanently on April 30th, according to signs posted by the NYC Parks & Recreation Department. Anyone know what is replacing the parking lot?

While on the subject, the other outdoor lots in and around Dumbo are:

  • 90 Washington Street (corner of Washington and Prospect Streets) – $275 per month
  • 66 Sands Street (corner of Sands and Pearl Streets) – $250 per month
  • 39 Front Street (at York Street) – $300 per month

Can anyone share their experiences with outdoor lots around Dumbo?

04/03/09 4:48pm

After almost one year, Tom Otterness’ Large Covered Wagon sculpture that was located on the corner of Prospect Street and Washington Street in Dumbo is no longer on display. Cranes lifted the solid bronze sculpture onto a flatbed and taken away this morning. Thanks to Mr. Otterness for loaning us the sculpture. It was a popular photo op spot with visitors and tourists as it is one of the first things seen when coming off the Brooklyn Bridge walkway. It would be nice to see other art/sculptures rotate on that otherwise ho hum corner.

There are no plans to replace the sculpture with another installation at this time. The project was made possible by a grant from Two Trees Management Co. and the Walentas Foundation and sponsored by the Dumbo Improvement District.

corner of Prospect Street and Washington Street

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05/21/08 4:16pm

Brooklyn Bridge lighting and art installation

Brooklyn Bridge lighting and art installation

125 years ago, at 2pm on May 24, 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge officially opened. New York City is celebrating the bridge’s birthday with a week of events. With Dumbo situated at the foot of the bridge, the Dumbo Improvement District, with support from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and NYC Department Of Transportation organized and unveiled a permanent public art project and upgrade to the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway at Washington and Prospect Streets today at 2pm. The permanent installation features fiber optic and LED lighting and art (consistent with their environmental efforts), a map and signage under the bridge, and metal signs and directional compass on the sidewalks.

Dumbo Improvement District Executive Director Tucker Reed, NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, and Lisa Kim, Director, Percent for Art Program were in Dumbo to unveil these walkway improvements. Marty Markowitz said, “With these beautiful new signs and lights, visitors will have an easier time locating the Bridge’s pedestrian walkway and breathtaking views, as well as the wonders of Dumbo, the epicenter of ‘hip’ in Brooklyn.” As many Dumbo residents can attest, visitors and tourists to the area used to be confused about where to go for the Bridge, or directions to the park, Brooklyn Heights, or a neighboring community. Not only will these signs help guide them back to Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan, but also liven up the previously dark underpass with unique and interesting lighting.

Coinciding with the public art lighting, the 2008 celebration will kick off with a public birthday party on Thursday, May 22nd at the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park DUMBO, featuring live music by the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Grucci fireworks, and the unveiling of special bridge lighting that will illuminate the bridge from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. through Memorial Day. (More at nyc.gov)

Brooklyn Bridge art/sign installation

Brooklyn Bridge art/sign installation

Brooklyn Bridge art/sign installation

The signage and public art lighting installation was created by Emphasis Design, Tillet Lighting Design and KT3D, and is entitled “This Way.”

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04/15/08 9:30am

Tom Otterness

There will be a dedication at 5:30pm today, for Tom Otterness’ Large Covered Wagon. The 15.5 foot long, seven feet tall bronze sculpture is located on the corner of Prospect Street and Washington Street in Clumber Corner. The Brooklyn-based Otterness created Large Covered Wagon in his DUMBO studio where he worked for many years; the Otterness workshop has recently moved to larger space in Gowanus. According to the plaque next to the statue, the project is made possible by a grant from Two Trees Management Co. and the Walentas Foundation and sponsored by the Dumbo Improvement District. While this art is a welcome addition to the neighborhood, a dark past surfaced on the McBrooklyn blog. Both McBrooklyn and Brooklyn Daily Eagle received an apology to a past regrettable incident from the artist who said that “It was an indefensible act that I am deeply sorry for”. The installation will be on view through January 2009.

Tom Otterness

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