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Front of the building (courtesy 185york.com)

Front of the building (courtesy 185york.com)

Rear of the building (courtesy 185york.com)

Rear of the building (courtesy 185york.com)

A buyer of a condo unit at 185 York Street reports that the owners have been waiting since mid-2012 to move into the building. The building is being marketed as “City View Condominiums.” The Certificate of Occupancy has not been issued yet, according to the NYC Department of Buildings, which prohibits anyone from occupying the building.

A Brownstoner post from February 2013, almost two years ago, says that at that time, “a broker here tells us that they are going through the last of the inspections and anticipate closings to begin in February or March”. Obviously there are still delays. The buyer suggests to us that the “building sponsor seems to be deliberately holding up the closing of the building. Our only conclusion is that the sponsor under-priced the units, hopes that we will all lose patience and cancel our contracts.” When the 16 unit building went on the market in April 2012, the units ranged from $375,000 for a 631-square-foot one-bedroom to $845,000 for a 1,193-square-foot two-bedroom, two-bath duplex.

According to StreetEasy, 15 of the units were listed for sale until December 29, 2014. Does anyone have updated status for the buyers of this building?

Here’s the note we received from a prospective buyer:

Just wanted to let you and your newspaper know that I am one of the prospective purchasers of a unit at 185 York Street in Vinegar Hill.

Along with all the other eager prospective purchasers, we signed a contract for our unit in the building, which was essentially completed, in mid-2012. Since then, in the intervening 2 1/2 years, we have been starved of information about what is going on and what information we have been given has been incorrect or misleading. The contract holders have nee renting temporary accommodation in various parts of the city to ‘bridge’ the time awaiting the issue of a Certificate of Occupancy.

The building sponsor seems to be deliberately holding up the closing of the building and we are unsure why this would be but it is causing distress to the prospective occupants. Our only conclusion is that the sponsor under-priced the units, hopes that we will all lose patience and cancel our contracts, so the units can be re-listed. This is of course only a supposition and we have no evidence that this is the case but we can come to no better conclusion at this point.

We have contacted the Attorney General’s Office, the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President, the Local NYC Councilor, The DoB Brooklyn Borough Commissioner.

We are looking for any means to get our plight out into the public domain to try to speed up the long-delayed closing.

I think this puts a slightly different light on the ‘rosy’ picture of Vinegar Hill painted in the NY Times article.

{185 York Street Buyers Still Waiting to Move In, 13Feb2013}
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Hudson Ave at Plymouth Street

Hudson Ave at Plymouth Street

NY Times visits Vinegar Hill (Brooklyn) in their Living In column on Sunday. In it, Vinegar Hill is described as:

The Brooklyn waterfront enclave of Vinegar Hill is a tiny carpet remnant of a neighborhood, a rough-edged but charmingly idiosyncratic swatch of land largely cut off from the city around it. At its northern fringe is the dystopian sprawl of a colossal Con Edison substation that separates residents from the tantalizingly close East River. To the east is the fenced 300-acre Brooklyn Navy Yard industrial park. To the south is a mountain range of public housing and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Vinegar Hill is also described as a jewel, where rowhouses occupy the Belgian-block streets in the ‘sleepy-hamlet’ of a neighborhood. There are several buildings being converted to commercial, but will Vinegar Hill turn into Dumbo, a tourist attraction? According to a 2008-2012 census survey, there are approximately 580 residents in Vinegar Hill. Who named Vinegar Hill? “John Jackson, a ship builder, named Vinegar Hill after a 1798 Anglo-Irish battle. Jackson ran a shipyard at the foot of Hudson Avenue and built houses nearby for his workers. His sale of land for use as the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the early 1800s sparked further growth in the area.” Nearby 167 Sands Street was originally the headquarters for sailors, marines, and coast guardsmen for nearby Brooklyn Navy Yards.

Front Street in Vinegar Hill

Retail/Restaurants mentioned:

Real estate prices have been climbing in Vinegar Hill, partly due to its neighbor Dumbo (which has the borough’s highest rental prices for years) and for its very low inventory and churn. The article mentions that Kirkman Lofts, condo prices rose to $750 from $600 a square foot between 2011 and 2012 and in July, one of those units resold for $1,300 a square foot. Other residential buildings mentioned:



11/13/14 12:34pm

If you’re looking for an event space for the holidays, Vinegar Hill House is accommodating parties for the holidays from 20-60 people (also ask about corporate parties, wedding events, birthdays, and baby showers). Contact them directly at 718-522-1018 or info@vinegarhillhouse.com.

Also, next door sister restaurant Hillside offers nacho pop-up events on Sundays (1pm-8pm) and Mondays (8p-11p) during football season with El Gato Nacho (a Smorgasburg regular).
They show pre-selected games on a projector with food (nacho’s: plain, veggie, beef and HAIL MARY; for 3 people w/everything) and beer & wine.


Vinegar Hill House
72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

70 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (between Water and Front St in Vinegar Hill)

{Hillside in Vinegar Hill Opens, 08Jun2014}

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We were informed about an incident that occurred in Vinegar Hill on Sunday from Vinegar Hill residents. We hope that residents of Dumbo and surrounding areas will also be aware as many walk their dogs in Vinegar Hill.

Here is what was posted on a group listserv today:

“At 12:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon in broad daylight a woman who was walking her dog on Water St. between Hudson and Gold was attacked by 4 teenagers.”

A resident who lives on Gold St. was walking her dog and got attacked by 4 teenage kids. They hid behind cars and surprised her, punching her in the face and back of the head.

The kids ran into the projects after being chased.

The police have taken a report and say they probably will catch them.

The kids were not id’d.

This is part of the knockout game that has been happening all over the city for months .

I suggest everyone becomes a little more aware of things after this. It is disgusting and scary that this could have been anyone of us.

Gothamist reported that the four assailants appeared to be between 12 and 17-years-old.

Please be on the lookout for suspicious activity and call the 84th Precinct (718-875-6811 (store this number in your cell phone)) or 911 if you witness any crimes.

11/21/13 4:39pm
Hillside Cafe

Hillside Cafe

Hillside Cafe in Vinegar Hill is launching a couple of new things:

Every Thursday they are hosting a night of Music and Oyster with Kings County Swing, a band that plays gypsy jazz, swing and blues. They will be performing from 7-10pm every Thursdays.

Every Sunday they are introducing a cassoulet night from 5:30 to 11pm. This is a perfect classic French winter dish of white beans with duck confit and pork sausage topped with bread crumbs baked in a cazuela ($19).

Kings County Swing

Kings County Swing

Hillside Cafe
70 Hudson Avenue (at Water Street), Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn NY