Best Coffee in Dumbo?

Dumbo General Store - Danesi coffee machine

(Photo: Dumbo General Store espresso machine)

I realize the answer to this will vary depending on your individual taste, so for me to say one place has the ‘best’ coffee is subjective. There are plenty of places for coffee in Dumbo and as one who appreciates a good properly brewed coffee, I appreciate the choices. I’ll list a few I enjoy in the area in alphabetical order:

Several of these places use the La Marzocco espresso machine, considered the barista’s choice for a true espresso.

Foragers Market brew their own blend of single origin and rainforest alliance certified coffee from Dallis Coffee, one of the oldest coffee bean roasters in NYC. (See the Edible Manhattan feature about Dallis). They use a commercial espresso machine manufactured by Danesi.

Of course there are other good places, such as the Seattle based coffee chain Starbucks on 67 Front Street and the new Archway Cafe. There’s even a rumor that there may be a coffee roaster coming to Dumbo. We haven’t confirmed, but will find out more.

If you’re looking for good coffee beans, Forager’s Market carries Counter Culture, Big Bend Coffee Roasters, Gorilla Coffee, Kicking Horse, and their own house brand called Foragers Blend.

What are your favorite coffees in Dumbo?

Baco Cafe - La Marzocco coffee machine

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