Boutique Real Estate Firm with a Knack for Speed and Efficiency

Paper Street Real Estate LLC., a real estate brokerage headquartered in Downtown Manhattan on 85 Broad Street New York, NY 10004, has already marked how quickly they find buyers for their client’s listings.

“On average, we are able to get into contract with qualified buyers by the third week of a property being on the market” says Garry Zeltser, the lead real estate agent. What’s their secret? Garry explains “People think to be a good real estate agent, you need to be a smooth talking salesman who can sell water to a fish. Being in this industry, I completely disagree. To be a good agent, you need to know marketing. My background in Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing confirmed a few assumptions I had before entering this business. Real estate is like any other product. Vegan food is marketed to vegans since they demand that product. Filson briefcases are catered and marketed to individuals on the dapper side of style. Real estate therefore should be marketed to potential buyers. What I do is determine who the potential buyer is.  I then create social media campaigns targeting my buyer. If I see that my listing is perfect for a first item home owner or a growing family, I develop a plan that focuses on the interests of these individuals and create a strong ad which runs day in and day out until the phone calls start coming in.”

Paper Street Real Estate LLC utilizes niche targeting and analytics to find buyers which greatly speeds up the waiting period of getting into contract. Founded by Kamilla Mishiyeva, a licensed attorney with a strong background in real estate, they cater to the Financial District, Batter Park City, as well as Brooklyn. You can visit them at Kamilla also operates a probate law firm and bankruptcy practice.

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