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Last week’s NY Post House of the Week featured Women’s Health publisher Laura Frerer-Schmidt’s 6,000 square foot Dumbo loft. The loft at 31 Washington Street was converted in 2008 into two separate lofts — a 2,600 square foot unit for her family and a 3,300 square foot unit purchased by the president of Dumbo-based West Elm.


The owner spent a year and a half renovating and discusses the difficulty of getting the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) without an architect: “According to city records, there was an elevator in the middle of their apartment. A Red Cross facility once stationed in their building during a 1950s storm meant their kitchen and bathroom must be held to hospital standards. Inspectors came more than a dozen times. It was like being in a Sartre novel. Eventually, Frerer-Schmidt took a few weeks off work and literally hung around the DoB to get all her checkmarks.”

The end result is a beautiful open floorplan with 14″ ceilings with exposed wooden beams.

(Photos courtesy of NY Post. Click more below for more photos.)

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Dish Restaurant

Dish, the new Mediterranean restaurant on Washington Street in the former Rice space has new signage up. We asked the workers there when the restaurant will be opening, and they told us that it will probably be end of August or in September (calls to Dish were unanswered).

81 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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30 Washington Street

30 Washington Street

We posted about the 30 Washington Street rental building a few weeks ago, and they’ve already rented 40% of the 94 unit building, according to a Two Trees Management spokesperson. Units include one bedrooms that start at $3,325, one bedrooms home office that start at $3,450, and two-bedroom that start at $4,200 units.

An article in Crain’s writes that the 30 Washington Street lofts are smaller:

“Two Trees Management, the father-son firm largely responsible for turning the neighborhood Down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass from an artist enclave into one of Brooklyn’s most expensive neighborhoods, is just completing work on 30 Washington St. It is its sixth rental conversion of one of Dumbo’s massive old industrial buildings, and it follows a recent pattern for Two Trees of creating smaller, more conventional apartments rather than the sprawling lofts, once the neighborhood norm.”

“Dumbo, including our properties, used to be all about these big lofts, but we’ve had a lot of tenants tell us, ‘Yeah, all this space is wonderful, but what do I do with it?'” Ashley Wirkus, Two Trees’ director of operations, said during a tour Tuesday. “In some of our older buildings, we’ve actually been dividing up the spaces to create additional bedrooms.”

Rather than the 1,500-square-foot lofts of 70 Washington Street, 30 Main Street and 1 Main Street, the 92 units at 30 Washington range in size from 550-foot one bedrooms to a handful of two-bedroom, two-bath units just over 1,000-square-feet. According to the article, the more conventional apartment size “signals the maturity of the neighborhood, a shift from bohemians and bankers who prized their sprawling spaces to singles and families who want more conventional apartments in what is still one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.” This seems counter to what families look for in a larger loft, no?

30 Washington Street

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30 Washington Street

30 Washington Street apartments

30 Washington Street apartments

30 Washington Street apartments

30 Washington Street apartments

Two Trees Management has just listed 6 rental apartments at 30 Washington Street for a July 1, 2013 move-in date. The gut renovation of the building interior, built by The Robert Gair Company between 1887-1891, has maintained the red brick facade, cast-iron tie rods, and pressed-metal cornice. Brownstoner took a tour of the apartments, who wrote “many of the units retain elements of the warehouse building, like exposed beams and pieces of an old elevator shaft.”

There are 94 apartments (82 are one bedrooms, 12 are two bedrooms). 1 bedrooms range between $3,100 (582sf) to $4,200 (930sf) per month. A two bedroom is renting for $4,300 (798sf). The listings:

  • Unit 3B, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 714sf, $3,375
  • Unit 4G, 1 bedroom 1 home office, 2 bath, 723sf, $3,900
  • Unit 4P, 1 bedroom 1 home office, 1 bath, 630sf, $3,500
  • Unit6A, 1 bedroom 1 bath, 582sf, $3,100
  • Unit 6D, 1 bedroom 1 home office, 1 bath, 930sf, $4,200
  • Unit 6J, 2 bedroom 1 bath, 798sf, $4,300

For listings, floorplans, and more info, go to 30wash.com

30 Washington Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
(Interior apartment photos courtesy of 30wash.com)

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