07/29/13 3:47pm

Dumbo APC - Post Office hours

We couldn’t get into the Dumob APC (84 Front Street) this weekend, but thought it was closed for the day so we thought nothing of it. But then we’ve received a few emails from angry readers saying that it’s been closed since last Wednesday. Here’s what one reader said:

Our Front Street post office is still locked. A 2nd call to the USPS police this afternoon and I was told that they are waiting for a key from the 3rd party vendor who actually owns/operates the machines. maybe tomorrow it will be unlocked.

I called our congressperson’s office (Nydia Valasquez). They said that no one has complained about this post office, and until they get a few calls, or any other notice of the problem they can’t do much about it.

There are older posts on Twitter here and here about the Dumbo APC being closed, so it’s not the first time this has happened.

Another emailer told us that the USPS police has the key, but lost it. We don’t know the real story until someone from the P.O. responds to our calls or emails us, but if anyone knows if it’s still closed, we can continue to call them. Could it be budget cuts? Anyone know what’s going on?

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04/23/13 12:37pm

Citibike on Front Street at Washington St

New York City’s bike share program, called Citibike is expected to launch in May. The program will allow members to use one of 6000 bikes from 330 stations in Midtown, Lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. The bike stations have been installed in the following locations in and around Dumbo:

  • North side of Old Fulton Street near Water Street – 41 bike docks
  • North side of Front Street near Washington Street – 30 bike docks
  • West side of Pearl Street near Water Street – 24 bike docks
  • South side of York Street near Jay Street – 27 bike docks
  • South side of Front Street near Gold Street – 23 bike docks
  • North side of Sands Street near Gold Street – 19 bike docks
  • East side of Cadman Plaza East near Red Cross Place – 27 bike docks
  • West side of Cadman Plaza West near Middagh Street – 23 bike docks

The bike program has had some delay and some controversy surrounding the bike racks with advertising in Historic Landmark locations (such as in Dumbo, Vinegar Hill, and Fulton Ferry Landing). Gothamist spoke with the LPC:

“Landmarks Preservation Commission says that the stations are just fine, since the landmarks law generally allows advertising in historic districts—including on street fixtures like bus shelters, pay toilets and newsstands. “We approved the plan for the installation of bike share stations in historic districts throughout the city because they have no effect on the historic fabric of those neighborhoods,” said Elisabeth de Bourbon, the commission’s communications director”

In a Brooklyn Eagle article, store owners on Front Street in Dumbo said they were not notified or consulted with before the bike stations were installed. Doreen Gallo of the preservation group DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance (DNA) said in the article, “DOT never contacted us and never brought it through Landmarks. It’s more visual clutter in the wrong spot. That’s a great open space and it should be an open piazza; but they keep adding more and more crap. It’s an inappropriate use of this great municipal space.”

The Front Street location (top photo) seems to be a tight fit for the traffic that goes by in the busy intersection where delivery trucks pass. Thoughts?

Citibike at Pearl Street Triangle

For bike station listing, go to citibikenyc.com/stations

04/18/13 9:50am

Filming in Dumbo: Ironside

Ironside, an NBC TV drama is being filmed in Dumbo Brooklyn today, April 18, 2013. According to IMDB, Ironside “centers on Robert T. Ironside, a tough, sexy and acerbic police detective relegated to a wheelchair after a shooting who is hardly limited by his disability as he pushes and prods his hand-picked team to solve the most difficult cases.” The cast includes actors Brent Sexton, Spencer Grammer, Blair Underwood, Pablo Schreiber, and Kenneth Choi.

Ironside was previously filmed in Dumbo on April 2 and 5.

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