Dumbo Scorecard on NabeWise

Whether you’re a New Yorker or looking to move to NYC, most people turn to neighborhood websites such as Curbed or Brownstoner to find out more about what’s going on. In addition, once you narrow your area of interest to specific neighborhoods, there’s no shortage of blogs in NYC that cover every square block. For information on Dumbo, (we hope) people stumble here (DumboNYC.com). For Brooklyn Heights, there’s Brooklyn Heights Blog. And so on. But how do you sort out the 86 or so neighborhoods in Brooklyn?

NabeWise is a neighborhood ratings and an online resource that helps you find a place that fits your values, interests, and lifestyle. According to their site, you can use NabeFinder to search for neighborhoods based on 24 attributes. They include user-generated content for reviews and photos and from social networking sites such as Foursquare for each of the 266 neighborhoods in NYC.

So where does Dumbo rank? Dumbo has a reputation for being “trendy, artsy, industrial, upscale, gritty, and expensive” according to a word cloud on the Dumbo page. Out of 266 neighborhoods, Dumbo’s highest rankings were:

  • Beautiful People (8th)
  • Gay/Lesbian (9th)
  • Median Home Price (12th)
  • Liberals (13th)
  • Exclusive/Prestigious (15th)

Beautiful people is subjective, but maybe its the filming of movies or area celebrities that add to this ranking; Gay/Lesbian community is strong, and home prices are tops in Brooklyn. Overall lowest were:

  • Parking (183rd)
  • Rent (2BR) (136th)
  • Public Transportation (94th)
  • Parks (93rd)
  • Quiet (86th)

Yes, parking is more difficult to come by with the ongoing construction and increased residents, rent (and real estate) is expensive, and Dumbo has never known to be quiet. However, I’m not sure if I’d agree with parks or public transportation. Brooklyn Bridge Park access and subway access is not bad with the A, C, F in the area.

Check out the Dumbo scorecard on NabeWise, and put in your two cents if you agree or disagree. What words or phrases come to mind when you think of Dumbo?

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