Dumbo Historic District Designation Report

Shortly after the designation of the Dumbo Historic District, the LPC posted the Dumbo Designation Report (warning: large 7.5MB pdf file). The report is full of historic information on the 91 historically significant buildings that make up the Dumbo Historic District. The report includes essays and building profiles:

The DUMBO Historic District, consisting of approximately 91 historically significant buildings,contains one of the finest collections of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century industrial architecture in New York City. These buildings illustrate the history of industrial design beginning with pre-Civil War brick counting houses, extending through the second half of the nineteenth century and first years of the twentieth century, when most factories were built of slow-burning mill construction, with massive wooden columns and beams and brick facades, into the early twentieth century, when new technologies, including the use of steel and, most prominently, reinforced concrete, became popular for factory construction.

The 239 page report describes each of the 91 buildings with photos of many of them at towards the end of the report. It’s dense with information, but an interesting read if you’re looking for a historical perspective of a particular building in Dumbo.


{PDF map of Dumbo Historic District boundary}

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