Independent Bookstore in Dumbo, P.S. Bookshop May Close. Need Community’s Assistance

P.S. Bookshop, a neighborhood bookstore in Dumbo Brooklyn that buys and sells used and rare books, is at risk of going out of business. The shop was presented by its landlord with a $40,000 bill of unpaid real estate tax dating back to 2010, according to. P.S. Bookshop’s crowd funding campaign on Speaking to Yuval Gans, owner of the store, it is clear he has invested his own funds and passion into the store and serving the community. While he was diligent to inquire about the tax payments after beginning his lease in May 2010, he was not made aware that the tax was accruing. While it sounds like the possible closing of an independent book seller to be another cliché of gentrification, Mr. Gans knows many families and patrons in the area, and hopes to serve the community for many years to come.

“I’ve invested too much hard work making P.S. the bookshop it is, I must fight for its survival.” Mr. Gans’ popular Story Time has been introducing the joy of books to neighborhood kids for the past nine years. “My bookshop’s mission is to educate, inspire and stimulate minds, as well as provide a much needed outlet for collectors and book lovers. I hope that in pursuing these goals I have acquired enough support for my cause. Unfortunately,” he adds, “paying the tax arrears merely begs the question of the bookshop’s future in Dumbo’s real estate tax market.”

In an attempt to answer this question Mr. Gans got in touch with the owner of one of the city’s best known bakeries who is very interested in setting up a coffee shop at the bookshop, hoping to open this spring. The solution could provide a perfect key for securing P.S Bookshop’s future. Unfortunately, the shop’s landlord denied Mr. Gans’ request to pursue this plan. The reason quoted is the competition that the proposed coffee shop may present to other of the landlord’s current tenants.

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