reBar Closed?


We hope this isn’t true, but the sign at reBar says “reBar is closed and bankrupt”. Their website is down, and calls to them are unanswered. We’ll post any updates here.

UPDATE: Gothamist has more detail on the closing and quotes from staff:

Several of the employees showed Gothamist text messages from a general manager who told them he also was blindsided by the announcement. Neither Stevens nor his landlord, Joshua Guttman, have responded to requests for comment…

One former upper management employee, who asked to remain anonymous, filled us in via email on more details:
Today was payday and roughly 50 employees are not getting their two week paychecks. We are suppose to have a wedding tomorrow and Sunday as well as every weekend for the next year plus. Literally hundreds of couples who have paid in full or partially to have their weddings at rebar and other venues have been screwed by this man. Not to mention the dozens of purveyors and vendors who are owed money.

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  • Terrible for the employees, vendors & the ppl w/ schedule events. I didn’t feel like the place served the neighborhood particularly well b/c it was always closed on the weekends. I understand private events are a great money maker but we just gave up trying to go since we never knew when it would be open. It’s a great space & a fantastic opportunity for someone or some group who knows how to properly run a restaurant.

  • For any couples who booked Rebar for their Wedding, we are here to offer some help. We own and operate the event space Deity, located in downtown Brooklyn. You can check us out at We are a very similar vibe and feel to Rebar. If you liked Rebar, you would probably love us. In a bizarre coincidence, we have kept some of our summer dates open so that we could do some remodeling. However, we decided to move that remodel to a different time.We would love to help anyone out if you you need a venue. You can contact us through our website.

  • Thanks ReBar for screwing us over!!! We had already given you a deposit for our daughter’s wedding in August 2015. Management had to have known there were financial problems yet willingly took our payment!

  • We at Brooklyn Winery are SO sorry to hear about the closure of ReBar. If you’re an event client and you need help re-booking a wedding or small party on short notice, we’re so happy to help you. Email and we’ll respond immediately with availability and detailed information.

  • Hi all,

    We created a Fundraiser to help the employees who got abruptly laid off today. Today was payday and they were totally left high and dry so I hope you guys will contribute and help all the employees recoup at least some of the money they deserved. We’re a startup in the area and want to support the Rebar employees as we were there all the time for lunch and meetings. Any left over money raised will go to some of the couples who had booked and paid for their weddings there!

    You can donate here:

    Hope you will all spread the word.

  • Jason Stevens was always a scumbag.

  • We at 1 Knickerbocker Restaurant in Bushwick are so sorry to hear about this fiasco and want to help out! We’re offering discounted event bookings for anyone who had an event planned at ReBar – we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate dates and budgets to help recreate your special day! Contact Jesse and Aimee at or (347) 987-3751.

  • Please help my friends host the wedding they deserve after this mess! Every dollar counts! Let’s pay it forward, it could happen to any of us! Thank you!