Calling Dumbo Guest Bloggers and an Apology

DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival 2008

(Photo by Josh Derr)

DumboNYC has been around since 2006. I created to effect positive change to the the Dumbo area and highlight changes in the neighborhood. The site also focuses on entrepreneurs in the area who are running successful businesses. There have been many businesses, artists, and residents who have been around Dumbo for a long time, and even more who have moved into the area in the past few years. Because of the transient nature of the area, people from all over the world come to Dumbo for work, play, and live. Although the 2010 census numbers have not come out yet, some government officials estimate about 8,000+ people work in Dumbo while 3,500+ people live here (these are unofficial numbers). It will be interesting when the official numbers are released by the census. So with this diversity, I’m hoping to hear from some of you to welcome regular and/or guest posters/writers/photographers/videographers for the site. Looking for anything related to Dumbo. I’m only one person, one voice, but hoping to hear from others.

Either due to the area’s popularity or visitors wanting to know more about Dumbo, I’ve seen record numbers of visitors to in the past months. On average, the site currently receives 40,000+ unique visitors per month and 80,000+ page views per month. With that, I also receive record number of event submissions and press releases that relate to Dumbo. Out of hundreds of emails daily, I don’t have time to respond to them all. Which is why the apology. I just don’t have the time to reply to them all. People plan some great events, exhibitions, shows, etc, in Dumbo and would love to feature them all with interviews, articles, and postings. I’ll try posting as many as possible. If you don’t hear back, sending us a gentle reminder a few days before you’d like the listing posted will greatly increase your chance of getting your Dumbo event listed. We like short blurbs. Multi page press releases are good for certain purposes, but aren’t exactly suited for a blog format. Please continue to send us your tips, events, and rants at dumbonyc [at] gmail [dot] com. Without your emails, I couldn’t keep up with the site. Thank you!

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