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Absolut Brooklyn

[UPDATE: We were sent a bottle of liquor (and nothing else) and promptly shared it, so therefore this is a sponsored post. Here’s why we posted about stoop life and its relevance to Dumbo.]

Tonight is the annual Brooklyn Blogfest at The Brooklyn Lyceum in Park Slope. This year, Spike Lee will make an appearance to kick off the summer with the new, very limited edition of ABSOLUT Brooklyn. Spike Lee designed the bottle in a way that represented Brooklyn the best, a photo of his Brooklyn stoop with a Spike Lee enhanced cap on the logo of the bottle. The stoop step represents the place where Brooklynites meet, hang out, sell stuff, and sometimes drink, which is what unites the community. While stoop life defines Brooklyn, Dumbo doesn’t have any stoops. Its large former factories and warehouses, Belgian block streets, and views of the two bridges and Manhattan skyline define Dumbo’s old world feel (think Once Upon a Time in America). What unites this historic Dumbo is the creative community (artists of all types- painters, sculptors, and the digital type), the dynamic entrepreneurs who navigate their business worlds with will power and hard work, and the new residents. Dumbo’s online presence in social media, websites, and services is our version of the stoop life.

This is why we’ve partnered with groups in the digital world (offline) to help foster a community that supports area artists, entrepreneurs, and residents to sustain the creative community Dumbo is known for. DumboNYC co-sponsored the last Digital DUMBO, and raised nearly $1000 for the Brooklyn Community Foundation at the May 26 event. We felt that partnering with area non-profits that benefit the community goes along with the Dumbo stoop life.

Spike Lee sent us a bottle of ABSOLUT Brooklyn, and naturally thought to share it with the good folks at Carrot Creative and the New York Digital District (NYDD). On the bottle, there’s a quote from Lemon Andersen’s spoken word poem “Somewhere in the world Brooklyn in da house and you know we won’t stop spreading love cause that’s our way.” The NYDD in Dumbo shows the world how it’s done, and glad to see the Brooklyn community is supported by way of a $50,000 donation by ABSOLUT Vodka to the NYC Habitat for Humanity.


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