Front St Mural Taken Down

The Dumbo Mural by Tattfoo Tan was removed by the Department of Transportation yesterday morning. The mural was installed in 2008 and was a colorful addition to what was otherwise a bare metal wall, an appropriate place for it, given the history of artists in the neighborhood. The Dumbo Improvement District commissioned the artwork and coordinated the installation with the artist and the DOT.

We contacted the Dumbo Improvement District to see what’s up with the space. They mentioned to us that they will keep the mural in Dumbo and are working on getting a new space for it. They also said that they will soon begin the fundraising and logistical process to site a new piece of art on the Front Street fence.

In an email from Tattfoo, he says to us:

“I had a great time working with DUMBO BID, PS307 and DOT and like to thank them and the residents of DUMBO for the opportunity. I hope to be able to be back in DUMBO soon and work on other new projects that I’m doing now like, “Mobile Garden”, “Black Gold” “S.O.S” which is all inline with NMS mural. Lastly, do “Remember to take your daily dose of color”.”

When we snapped the pics, the mural was being stored away in the 55 Washington St building. Any suggestions on where to place the mural?

Tattfoo mural down

Tattfoo mural down

{Dumbo Mural by Tattfoo and PS307 Children on Front Street, 29Feb2008}

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