Save the Date: 13th Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival (Sept 25-27, 2009)


(Photo by Cory Wilson)

The 13th D.U.M.B.O. ART UNDER THE BRIDGE FESTIVAL® sponsored by The Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) will be held from September 25 – 27, 2009. The arts featival draws 100,000+ visitors to Dumbo each year. From DAC:

Art Under the Bridge is a multi-site happening unique to Dumbo since 1997, the historic post-industrial neighborhood spanning the East River waterfront between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. The event’s enduring magic is the transformation of an entire neighborhood into a vibrant platform for self-expression over 3 days once a year. New artworks by young visual artists are created on-the-spot everywhere and anywhere: they may be specific to a particular site or they may wander. They may be projected or afloat. They may be performed or make sound, they may glow in the dark or ride an elevator, they may occupy a corporate lobby or beg your interaction, or they may just sit there and demand your attention.

In essence, you experience the visual arts while discovering Dumbo and experience Dumbo while finding the art: your map will take you to facades, streets, sidewalks, storefronts, elevators, lobbies, water, waterfront, parks, nooks, crannnies, aboard the NY Water Taxi, and more. Art Under the Bridge celebrates the untamed, art that deliberately breaks the white cube, art that is touchable, accessible and interactive. And in addition to the 60+ new outdoor projects, you can visit over 100 local open studios as well as video_dumbo, a non-stop indoor program of cutting edge video art from NYC and around the world. The appeal is universal: for many of the anticipated 100,000 visitors, Art Under the Bridge is their first encounter with art and artists. What’s more: it’s FREE, inclusive and open to all.

The Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) has been the Festival’s exclusive producer since 1997. DAC is a big impact, small non-profit, committed to preserving Dumbo as a site in New York City where emerging visual artists can experiment in the public domain while having unprecedented freedom and access to normally off-limit locations. Art Under the Bridge is where serendipity and the haphazard thrive, where the unpredictable, the spontaneous and the downright weird can still happen – all against the stunning backdrop of iconic architecture and the Manhattan skyline.

To see pics from last year’s event, go to the DAC Flickr gallery. Also follow them on Twitter at

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