Nanny 911 Looking for Brooklyn Families

Nanny 911, the reality television show which features families with ‘unmanageable’ children is looking to cast families in Brooklyn. They’re looking for families who really want or need the opportunity to spend three or four days working on bettering their lives with a nanny specialist. From the inbox:

The hit unscripted series NANNY 911 is looking for outgoing, charismatic families who need help managing day-to-day family obstacles. Whether it’s potty training, bedtime, fighting or all of the above, our diverse and knowledgeable nannies are ready to help!

They’re armed with the “do’s and don’ts” of child-rearing and can help exhausted parents like yourself tackle the issues that are creating chaos in the home and get families into tip-top shape.

Whether you’re a single mom or dad, a blended family, adoptive parents or non-traditional caregivers, NANNY 911 wants to help you.

With all the filming each week in Dumbo, perhaps the film crews see all the families and strollers in Dumbo. They should also check out Park Slope for families. If interested, please read the flyer (PDF), and email