Nate's Pharmacy Coming to Vinegar Hill

So we’ve read that Clinton Hill is getting a Walgreen’s on Myrtle Ave.. But there’s a new pharmacy coming to Vinegar Hill on Gold Street (near 99 Gold) called Nate’s Pharmacy. Not sure when they will open, but I saw some construction the other morning and a new sign put up (above photo). Mr. Walentas has been looking for a mom-and-pop-type pharmacy in Dumbo, but with Bridge Apothecary coming to J Condo and now Nate’s Pharmacy, does Two Trees need to keep looking for a pharmacy? Nate’s might be a bit far for residents of Dumbo south, but it’s a welcome retail store for residents of Vinegar Hill.

Meanwhile, does anyone know when Bridge Apothecary will open at its J Condo location? As of yesterday, the windows are still taped up and the ‘coming soon’ sign is still up.

Nate’s Pharmacy
111 Gold Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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