Exhibition: That 70s Show: New York City in the 1970s

What: That 70s Show: New York City in the 1970s
When: Exhibition Dates: March 9-April 15, 2007
Where: The powerHouse Arena * 37 Main Street * Brooklyn, New York 11201

That 70s Show is an ode to a city long forgotten, a city on the brink of bankruptcy, rife with anarchy, brimming with uninhibited flavor and fearless adventure: New York City in the 70s. The exhibition pays tribute to the people of New York-from the pimps and the pushers to the police and the politicians, the musicians and the artists to everyday citizens-whose perseverance during these years reveals the true spirit of our city. That 70s Show takes us back to a time of crisis and creativity, anxiety and artistry, madness and majesty-when genius burned up the sky like the Bronx on fire.

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Weekends: 11am-7pm

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