White Collar Boxing at Gleason's Gym

 Photo courtesy of Michael_surtees

White collar boxing is getting more attention these days, and Dumbo’s Gleason Gym, the famous boxing club has been in the news again. In Thursday’s USA Today, an article shows why baby boomers are taking up the sport.

“None of this is news to Bruce Silverglade, owner of Gleason’s Gym, the storied joint that embraced the likes of Jake LaMotta, not to mention Robert De Niro when he was transforming into LaMotta for Raging Bull or Hilary Swank during her Oscar-winning turn as Million Dollar Baby’s ill-fated fighter.

For the past 17 years, Silverglade has organized white-collar boxing bouts at his club, but more recently, he has been packing them in for $1,600 weekend fantasy camps. Boomers fly in from around the globe to, for a wink, live the life of a pugilist on the verge of a big prize.”

For most, the draw lies in the authenticity of the physical conditioning routine. At a boxing gym, a real trainer will not only get you into shape but show you the techniques of boxing. Gleason’s has a long history of training world champions such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Jake La Motta “The Raging Bull”, Roy Jones, Ray Leonard, Juan Laporte, and George Forman…a total of 129 world champions. But anyone can join for $80 per month.

Gleason’s Gym
83 Front Street, Dumbo Brooklyn

 Photo courtesy of Daily gusto

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