Walentas Still Looking for a Mom and Pop Pharmacy for Dumbo

From Brooklyn Papers: “David Walentas controls close to 75 percent of this former industrial neighborhood that he started buying up piece-by-piece decades ago – but he doesn’t own the new condo building that rented its ground floor to the caffiend from Seattle.”

“I hate that Starbucks,” Walentas told me just the other day, even though the joint has been open for more than a year.

“We already have the DUMBO General Store [which sells a similarly expensive, but far-superior, brew, in a quirky, uncorporate way] and the Coffee Box [another caffeine dealer two blocks away],” Walentas said of his tenants. “We don’t need that Starbucks.”

And that’s why he’s inviting – begging, actually” a suitably entrepreneurial Mom-and-Pop to come to DUMBO and open a pharmacy. Despite DUMBO’s nearly 10,000 residents and workers, the closest place to get a prescription filled is in Brooklyn Heights.

“Duane Reade would love to come in here, but we won’t have them,” Walentas said. “They’d pay whatever we ask, but we don’t need another place that sells Cokes and chips. We need a real pharmacy where they know you.”

{In land of Walentas, Mom & Pop are still king , BrooklynPapers.com, 11/18/2006}
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