Brooklyn Bridge to Get New Coat of Paint in 2009

From today’s NY Sun:

The city’s most recent annual report on the condition of bridges and tunnels, just out, rates the Brooklyn Bridge’s condition as a 3.15 on a scale of one to seven, with one as “potentially hazardous” and seven as “new.” A three rating is used to indicate that a bridge has experienced “serious deterioration,” according to the report.

A spokesman for the City Department of Transportation said the bridge would be painted in 2009 at an estimated cost of $85 million, part of a $236 million project that also will include improvements to the bridge’s decks, approaches, and ramps. “He said the rust visible under the peeling paint on the bridge’s structure has not adversely affected its safety.”

{NY Sun article, Brooklyn Bridge Rusts, Awaiting Its First Paint Job Since 1991}