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By now, those of you who live or work in Brooklyn have probably seen a car2go in the wild. They’re hard to miss, those tiny little cars perfect for city driving and parking. You may even have heard about how easy it is for members to find one nearby, get in, drive wherever they want to go, park it, and go on with their day.

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Hudson Ave at Plymouth Street

Hudson Ave at Plymouth Street

NY Times visits Vinegar Hill (Brooklyn) in their Living In column on Sunday. In it, Vinegar Hill is described as:

The Brooklyn waterfront enclave of Vinegar Hill is a tiny carpet remnant of a neighborhood, a rough-edged but charmingly idiosyncratic swatch of land largely cut off from the city around it. At its northern fringe is the dystopian sprawl of a colossal Con Edison substation that separates residents from the tantalizingly close East River. To the east is the fenced 300-acre Brooklyn Navy Yard industrial park. To the south is a mountain range of public housing and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Vinegar Hill is also described as a jewel, where rowhouses occupy the Belgian-block streets in the ‘sleepy-hamlet’ of a neighborhood. There are several buildings being converted to commercial, but will Vinegar Hill turn into Dumbo, a tourist attraction? According to a 2008-2012 census survey, there are approximately 580 residents in Vinegar Hill. Who named Vinegar Hill? “John Jackson, a ship builder, named Vinegar Hill after a 1798 Anglo-Irish battle. Jackson ran a shipyard at the foot of Hudson Avenue and built houses nearby for his workers. His sale of land for use as the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the early 1800s sparked further growth in the area.” Nearby 167 Sands Street was originally the headquarters for sailors, marines, and coast guardsmen for nearby Brooklyn Navy Yards.

Front Street in Vinegar Hill

Retail/Restaurants mentioned:

Real estate prices have been climbing in Vinegar Hill, partly due to its neighbor Dumbo (which has the borough’s highest rental prices for years) and for its very low inventory and churn. The article mentions that Kirkman Lofts, condo prices rose to $750 from $600 a square foot between 2011 and 2012 and in July, one of those units resold for $1,300 a square foot. Other residential buildings mentioned:



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Community Board 2 is hosting a public workshop on the “Brooklyn Strand”, the working name for 21 acres of underutilized and under-programmed parks and plazas that begins at the Brooklyn Bridge and extends through the center of Downtown Brooklyn to Brooklyn Borough Hall (or vice versa). The Brooklyn Strand includes Cadman Plaza, Walt Whitman Park, the Korean Veterans Plaza, Columbus Park, and various vacant municipal lots and lawns.

As part of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle strategic plan, which was unveiled in June 2013, these spaces have the potential to serve as a connecting point between two borough-wide destinations (Brooklyn Bridge Park and Downtown Brooklyn) and many neighborhoods (Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn, etc.).

The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, in conjunction with the Mayor’s office, Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC Parks, and City Planning have engaged the urban architecture firm WXY Studio to solicit feedback from the public to understand the current uses, wishes, and opportunities for the open spaces along the Brooklyn Strand. From their work with the stakeholders, WXY will create an action plan for the open space, with the goal of submitting a conceptual plan to the Public Design Commission in 2015.

Community Board 2 strongly encourages everyone to review and comment on the work of WXY Studio. For more on the “Brooklyn Strand”, see brooklyntechtriangle.com/4-dynamic-places-for-tech.

Brooklyn Tech Triangle Strategic Plan

Brooklyn Tech Triangle Strategic Plan

Public Workshop: Thursday, November 20, 2014; Ingersoll Community Center, 177 Myrtle Avenue at Prince Street, Brooklyn

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On Sunday, November 16, 2014, ÆRA DANCE Foundation” — a NYC-based aerial dance company will present ‘The Fleeting’ at Galapagos Art Space from 8-10pm. The Fleeting is a showcase of 8 NYC choreographers in an exciting collaboration of aerial and grounded dance performance.

Capoeira, ballet, modern, and contemporary movement share the stage with aerial choreography on apparatuses including silks, hoop, and pole. Praised by audiences as innovative and inspiring, ÆRA’s performances forge a new genre of acrobatic and dance movement.

To purchase tickets: ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=5437045

For more information please visit www.aeradance.org.

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A campaign from NYC & Company, the marketing and tourism division of NYC, is promoting local destinations, called See Your City. The ads highlight sections of all five boroughs appealing to local residents. Ten neighborhoods are featured, two in each borough:

The slideshow for Dumbo describes the neighborhood as having “spectacular waterfront access, thriving art scene and an architectural grandeur that’s at once raw and charming”. Must see places in Dumbo include the following:

The campaign will run for three months and can be seen on posters at bus shelters, on video in taxis, and banners on lamp posts.

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