07/14/14 1:45pm

Smorgasburg sign

It has become our Sunday morning tradition to head into Brooklyn Bridge Park for an early lunch with friends at Smorgasburg. Our first time there this summer was a bit dangerous as it was my first time experiencing the sights and smells of Smorgasburg while pregnant. I knew I had to control myself, but I wanted to sample something from every vendor we passed – a dumpling here, a ramen burger there, a bite of my husband’s bbq sandwich. I was in heaven! I quickly learned, though, that not only were my eyes bigger than my stomach, but my wallet couldn’t handle the demands I put on it. It was time to remind myself that this amazing market was in my neighborhood and that I could come back every Sunday for lunch so there was no need to try to taste everything in one visit. We’ve made it a point to try something new each Sunday we visit.

This past Sunday we ventured back into the park to meet some friends for lunch. As we walked in the north entrance of the market we noticed a new feature – the Smorgasbar. It was great to see additional seating since finding an open table can be tough, but was disappointed to learn that the area was closed off to us pregnant non-drinkers. I guess I have that to look forward to for next year.

Smorgasbar sign

Having skipped the bar, I went straight to the Vermont Maple Lemonade stand where I always start my Smorgasburg lunch with the most refreshing maple syrup lemonade. I then struggled for a bit in deciding what to eat since it was so hot and humid out. I don’t like eating hot food when I’m hot, especially while I’m pregnant, so was left with limited options. I opted for cold peanut noodles from Noodle Lane, which were fantastic. They offer three different spice level options, so to avoid getting serious heartburn or putting myself into pre-term labor, I went with mild. Thank goodness I did because it was still extremely spicy! Although I was completely full from the noodles and lemonade (and samples of my husband’s Takumi Tacos), I could not resist an ice cream sandwich from the good batch. I absolutely love their goodwich sandwich. It has just the right balance of salty and sweet. As I came down from my sugar high, we headed back to the apartment for an afternoon nap and to begin planning our Smorgasburg strategy for next weekend.

Smorgasburg Noodle Lane

the good batch from Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg is open every Sunday at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5 from 11 AM to 6 PM. For a full list of vendors, visit Smorgasburg.com/vendors. If you’re pregnant at Smorgasburg, make sure you ask for your meat cooked well and double check that all the cheese is pasteurized.

(Post by HK Stern, DumboNYC contributor)

07/11/14 2:24pm

Brooklyn Bridge Parents reports that there are open spots for Pre-K at PS 307 on York Street in Vinegar Hill. They are expanding its Pre-K program this fall to 6 classes, each with a size of 18 students and 2 teachers. For the month of July, out-of-zone families can apply directly at the school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 2 pm. Parents should bring a birth certificate, proof of address and immunization records to register their child born in 2010.

Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, PS307 will become a science and technology-focused Magnet School for STEM Studies. Contact PS 307 for more information about the Pre-Kindergarten program.

07/03/14 9:51am
Photo by Montag007

Photo by Montag007

The Macy’s annual 4th of July fireworks show will be moved back to the East River at the Brooklyn Bridge and on East River barges in 2014. The last time Macy’s held its fireworks show on the East River was in 2008. Unless you have access to one of the rooftops on one of the Dumbo loft buildings, Brooklyn Bridge Park will be the prime spot to watch the fireworks. However, we advise not driving to the area since parking will not be available, says Brooklyn Eagle. Fireworks begin at 9:20 p.m. on July 4. However, tow trucks will be towing cars from Joralemon to Middagh streets starting 11 p.m. on the night of July 3 to establish NYPD emergency vehicle and crowd management lanes. Street closures include:

  • Joralemon Street from Furman Street to Court Street
  • Montague Street from Hicks Street to Columbia Heights
  • Columbia Heights from Remsen Street to Old Fulton Street
  • Water Street from Main Street to Old Fulton Street
  • Middagh Street from Cadman Plaza West to “Dead End”
  • Cranberry Street from Columbia Heights to Hicks Street
  • Vine Street from Columbia Heights to Hicks Street
  • Cadman Plaza West from Tillary Street to Furman Street

Brooklyn Bridge Park will be open on July 4. However, they note the following details:

  • Squibb Park and Bridge will be closed.
  • The Main Street section of the park will close at 4pm
  • Barbeques on Picnic Peninsula will be closed.
  • All playgrounds will close at 4pm.
  • The Pop-Up Pool will close at 4pm.
  • Pier 4 Beach will close at 4pm.
  • Jane’s Carousel will close at 6pm.
  • Volleyball courts will close at 4pm.
  • The Pier 2 sports courts will close at 4pm.
  • The Pier 5 sports fields will close at 4pm.
  • Chairs will not be allowed in the park.
  • Parking is extremely limited. Please use public transportation. See our Visitor Information page for subway, bus and ferry information.
  • To enter the park, please use the park’s main entrances at Old Fulton and Furman Streets or Atlantic Avenue and Furman Street.
  • Bags will be checked by NYPD at all entrances.

The bridges will also be shut down. The Brooklyn Bridge will be shut down in both directions starting at 7pm. The Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridge footpaths will be closed to pedestrians and bikes starting at 7pm.

See Macy’s best spots to watch the fireworks. Happy July 4th America!

06/30/14 5:37pm

Come out this Wednesday (7/2) between 6-8pm to Dumbo’s newest specialty wine and spirits shop MOUTH where J.W. Overbey will be pouring FREE samples of bourbon. J.W. Overbey is a premium bourbon distilled right here in Brooklyn and has only been available for a few weeks.

MOUTH is located in a lovely gallery space at 192 Water Street near Jay Street. It’s spirits assortment is highly curated and includes absinthe, brandy, bottled cocktails, gin, liqueur, moonshine, rum, vermouth, vodka, whiskey, bourbon, rye, and more. Wines include red, white, sweet, sparkling, and rosé. With stunning bottles and outstanding products, the new store is a must-visit shop for entertaining and special occasions. In addition to individual products, MOUTH offers subscriptions like “Gin Every Month” and “Bourbon Every Mouth,” and gift collections like “Raise the Bar.”




06/27/14 10:54am

This Sunday at 4:30pm come down to Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5 and watch the New York Empire take on the DC Breeze. This game has serious playoff implications for each team and is free for all attendees.

The AUDL, currently in its third year is the largest professional Frisbee League in the country. Many games air Saturdays on ESPN 3 and support a passionate and rapidly growing fanbase. The New York Empire, currently in its second year with the AUDL, is currently 8-3, while the DC Breeze is 7-2. Both teams have clinched  playoff spots and are now fighting for home field advantage and the number two seed in the Eastern Division. Players in the league are professionally compensated, but not significantly. Learn more about the team at www.nyempireaudl.com


So come on out this Sunday afternoon to Pier 5 for a fun, free event that promises lots of action and excitement, hope to see you there!


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