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Dumbo based HowAboutWe is a new way to find dates with interests you have in common with others. Instead of browsing fake dating profiles and pics from other dating sites, HowAboutWe matches new dates that match your interests. You post your favorite dating ideas (“How about we…”), find dates in your area from people who like doing what you’re doing, make plans around the “How about we…” activity you’ve already posted, and connect offline.

HowAboutWe created an infographic on the 10 most popular neighborhoods for first dates in NYC. They culled data from over 100,000 dates posted on their site and found that Hell’s Kitchen is the most popular neighborhood in the city for a first date. Dumbo was one of two Brooklyn neighborhoods (Williamsburg the other) in the top 10 neighborhoods for first dates in all of NYC.

Some of the most popular date spots in Dumbo, according to HowAboutWe staff:

  • The Transit Museum (How about we hop on an old subway car at the New York Transit Museum)
  • Grimaldi’s Pizza (How about we wait in line for Grimaldi’s and see if it’s really New York’s best pizza)
  • ReRun Theater at ReBar (How about we catch a flick at ReRun theater — who cares what’s playing, it’s all about the concessions)
  • Galapagos Art Space (How about we check out the famous Floating Kabarette show?)

We’ve heard some good first date stories in Brooklyn Bridge Park, 1st Thursdays Dumbo Gallery Walks, and even under The Archway (though you’d have to shout for your date to be heard when trains run overhead). What are your favorite dating ideas or locations in Dumbo (and nearby areas)?

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