05/17/10 2:38pm

(Photo by Josh Derr)

“One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings” -Diogenes

First seen on Twitter, which then posted on Gothamist, there have been two Banksy streetart “sightings” in Dumbo.
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Spotted a Banksy in DUMBO, told @jakedobkin about it and he nearly peed himself (it’s possible he did pee). Photo: http://bit.ly/cGmmG8less than a minute ago via web

01/15/10 1:49pm


Curbed and The L Magazine noted yesterday that the artist known as Finley is treating ordinary things, like dumpsters, with wallpaper. She calls this “polite graffti” and will be the best looking dumpsters in NYC. These are located at 25 Jay Street and when we stopped by, they were about half done. Thank you Finley for your ‘gift’ to the neighborhood.

01/11/10 12:11pm

Street art posing as construction signs popped up around Dumbo Brooklyn on Friday. Some of them have already been taken down. They’re by street artist “TrustoCorp”. They are clever signs intended to mimic official city signs at first glance. They’re amusing and carry a funny message or words of reality (“Life is Too Short”, “It’s okay to play with Yourself”, etc.) More photos on DumboNYC TrustoCorp Flickr set.

Other TrustoCorp signs in other cities can be seen on the TrustoCorp Flickr page.

07/10/09 12:17pm

(Photo by Josh Derr)

If you walk around Dumbo, you’ve probably noticed some of Dain’s work on the streets. Above is a fairly new one on Dock Street. Some of Dain’s older tile art is either down or have peeled. A few others:
Pearl Street


This short video on YouTube is an interesting view into his art studio:

07/03/09 8:48am


Last night, the Dumbo Improvement District, in partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Urban Art Program, installed the work of Dumbo resident and artist Eleanora Kupencow, entitled “Horsing Around the Arrows of Time,” in the Pearl Street Triangle. Per the Dumbo Improvement District’s press statement:

Adjacent to the Manhattan Bridge and DOT’s iron shop and fabricated out of powder-coated steel, the bold and colorful sculptures pay homage to DUMBO’s manufacturing and industrial story.

The four pieces in “Horsing Around the Arrows of Time” were designed individually – the Purple King, the Blue Thinker, the Magenta Acrobats and the Green Mother Earth. When arranged in a group, the sculptures work together to create a feeling of movement and energy.

The pieces bring more color to the triangle and has cool detailing. Check it out at the Pearl Street Triangle (Pearl Street between Water and Front Street).


{Photo set on Flickr}
{Press Release (PDF)}