10/28/15 4:25pm

Brooklyn Concrete & Steel Construction History

1 Main Street, built for Robert Gair Co. Photo by Suzanne Spellen

When builders first began using reinforced concrete, which bonds the strength and flexibility of steel with the solidity of cast rock, they probably didn’t know the extent to which their experimentation would change architecture.

Their work made it possible to build higher, larger and more inventively than anyone could imagine. It began in France in the 19th century, but it would take an American company, based in New York City, to build wonders across the world. This company had some of its earliest jobs here in Dumbo. (more…)

06/17/15 10:41am


The 300 car capacity parking garage at 60 Water Street (aka 37 Front Street, which replaced the now demolished 21 Front Street garage, and the Nova Clutch building before that) is now open. The additional parking spaces give drivers and residents with another parking option in Dumbo, which has seen parking lots close over the years. With the increase of tourists and businesses in the area, additional parking space alleviates cars that circle around the blocks looking for limited street parking. We spoke with a few garage attendants in the area who tell us that “a lot of existing monthly accounts have moved to 60 Water Street”, even with the higher prices, because 60 Water is a park and lock (self park) garage.

Here’s a list of the indoor parking garages in Dumbo (The advertised monthly rates for comparison):

  • 60 Water Street (aka 37 Front Street) – 300 car capacity, monthly rate $407.71
  • 85 Adams Street – 52 car capacity, monthly rate $362.40 (718-596-4137)
  • 100 Jay Street (between York and Front Streets) – 424 car capacity, monthly rate (inquire)
  • 55 Washington Street – 120 car capacity, monthly rate $362.40, enter on Adams Street, between Front and Water Streets
  • 50 Washington Street (aka 45 Main Street, 718-222-0500) – 150 car capacity, monthly rate $385.05, enter on Main Street, 718-246-9201between Front and Water Streets
  • 20 Jay Street (between Plymouth and John Streets, 718-254-9141) – 120 car capacity, monthly rate $339.75


Outdoor Parking on Washington St to Close, 29Jun2009
Dumbo Then and Now: N Side of Front St at Dock St, 21Jun2009
Parking Secrets in Dumbo Brooklyn, 14Oct2011

05/28/15 5:48pm
OY/YO by Deborak Kass in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Whether you’re a visitor to New York or a native, everyone has one big item on their to-do checklist: walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge itself is beautiful, the views of the East River and the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines are breathtaking, and you’ll be getting some fresh air and exercise.

OK, so you’ve walked across the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Now what?

We hope you’re not thinking of just turning around to trek back to Manhattan, or heading straight for the subway. You’ve reached Brooklyn! This is where it’s all happening!

Instead, take the first Brooklyn exit off the bridge and spend a few hours in Dumbo, one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant and scenic neighborhoods. Check out the views from Brooklyn Bridge Park, eat some world-famous Brooklyn pizza, shop in upscale boutiques…you may not want to go back to Manhattan!

Read on for how to get where you want to go, and what to do with your day in Brooklyn. (more…)

01/07/15 2:00pm

View of Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street

Now that January has come, we’re back at work from the holiday season. I took a break from posting here to take care of family matters as my father passed away. Don’t mean to get personal, but life happens and we all have to take care of our loved ones first. I’ll be posting more regularly (i.e. daily) as there have been lots of changes in the neighborhood in the past month already (such as 177 Front Street development, Galapagos Art Space left, 50 Water Street opened, development progress at Brooklyn Bridge Park, etc).

Thank you for sticking with us, and if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about DumboNYC.com and our neighborhood in general, please email me at DumboNYC[at]gmail.com.

We’re also looking for contributors (especially residents new and old in Dumbo). We have some great correspondents now gathering info but also asking for writers to contribute regularly.

09/23/14 12:46pm

Dumbo Arts Festival 2014
The 2014 DUMBO Arts Festival will take place this weekend (Friday-Sunday, September 26-28, 2014). Each year the Dumbo Arts Festival seeks to highlight Brooklyn’s commitment to and presence in the arts community by presenting the best in local, national, and international art. The Dumbo Arts Festival attracts 200,000+ visitors over 3 days with the participation of over 400 artists from a variety of disciplines, 100 studios, 50 galleries and stages and 100 programming partners. The official Festival hours are Friday 6pm to 9pm, Saturday noon to 9pm, Sunday noon to 6pm.

For a listing of exhibits and locations, go to dumboartsfestival.com/art.

What: The 18th Annual Dumbo Arts Festival
When: Friday-Sunday, September 26-28, 2014
Time: Friday, September 26, 7 – 6 pm to 9 pm
Saturday, September 27, 12 pm to 8 pm
Sunday, September 28, 12 pm to 6 pm
Cost: Free
Where: Spans the neighborhood of Dumbo, Brooklyn, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, including the waterfront.
Web: www.dumboartsfestival.com

Prior years Dumbo Arts Festival posts

08/29/14 6:20pm


Roomr, located at 17 Old Fulton Street, is the newest addition to the Dumbo food scene. I headed over there this afternoon for a quick lunch. I was pleasantly greeted upon entering and after explaining that it was my first time in the cafe was given a quick rundown of everything they have to offer. Whether you’re on the go or have time to sit and enjoy made-to-order food, Roomr has you covered. They have an array of pre-made sandwiches, salads, and pastries, as well as a large menu of crepes and omelets. The gentleman that I was speaking with was quite enthusiastic about their hotdog waffle, “a beef hotdog wrapped in a delicious waffle”Given my pregnancy, though, I wasn’t able to try it for myself. I’ll have to go back with friends to get their opinions or hold out a few more months until after baby arrives. Everything at Roomr is organic; well, 98% of it is – the espresso is the only thing on the menu that isn’t.


I settled on a savory, whole wheat crepe. It was delicious, but too big for me to finish. I am a sucker for sweet crepes, so was disappointed I didn’t leave myself enough room to try one. Tourists that entered the cafe while I was there were thrilled to find out that Roomr offers free wifi. Perhaps I should have taken advantage of that and started this post while my food digested so I could then try a sweet crepe!

The cafe is clean, no frills (my food was served with a disposable plate and silverware), and devoid of the overwhelming lines you typically see outside of Grimaldi’s and Shake Shack. I found it to be a peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy my lunch. For more information on Roomr, visit www.RoomrCafe.com.