Brooklyn Tourism Lampooned by Brooklyn Cartoons

Brooklyn Tourism Lampooned by Brookyln Cartoons

Courtesy of Brooklyn Cartoons

It’s a sight every Dumbonian is used to by now: dozens of tourists literally lining up in the middle of Washington Street to snap a shot of the Manhattan Bridge, perfectly framed between the buildings of Dumbo.

A recent cartoon by Brooklyn Cartoons recreates the iconic image, jammed with camera phone–toting tourists.

“Okay, we’ve seen Brooklyn,” one of them says. “What’s next?” You can almost see them rushing to head back to Manhattan, or to get in line at Grimaldi’s.

Emmet Truxes, the creator of Brooklyn Cartoons, is trained as an architect, but for about a year, he’s also been publishing wryly affectionate cartoons about life in Brooklyn on Instagram.

Our recommendation? Take a picture of yourself with the bridge! Then stick around for a while. There’s plenty to do in Dumbo.


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