New Commercial Building at 231 Front Street (Vinegar Hill)

There’s a new commercial building offering office space at 231 Front Street (between Bridge and Gold Streets). A 70,000 square feet office property, 231 Front Street is an Early 20th Century commercial style factory building, designed by William B. Tubby, and built in 1908.

At this point, the first floor is built out with 25 office spaces with rents ranging $950-1,300 per month. These are single room offices (no food or retail) similar to GreenDesk in Dumbo. Two larger spaces, for $2,200 and $2,500 have already been leased out. For further details, contact Creative Real Estate Group, who is handling the leasing (Frank DeCarlo 917.882.2185 or

{LPC Reviews 30 Henry and 231 Front Street, 10Jan2012}

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