Brooklyn Bridge Park Condo and Empire Store Development On Hold

According to the The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation and New York Post, close to 800 high-rise luxury condos and a hotel planned to support the BBP are on hold indefinitely. Also on hold are plans to renovate the Empire Stores warehouse and convert it to retail and cultural space. These development parcels that make up the condos and hotel development take up approximately 10% of the project’s 85 acre. Half of that is occupied by existing structures, such as the Empire Stores and 360 Furman Street (aka One Brooklyn Bridge condo). The proposed residential developments of the project plan included:

  1. Pier 6: Two buildings built on the uplands of Pier 6 (near Atlantic Avenue) which would have added 400 units plus retail space.
  2. One Brooklyn Bridge: The existing building on 360 Furman Street which adds 500 units, which has been on the market.
  3. Pier 1: Hotel and Residential buildings on the site of the existing Cold Storage Warehouse buildings (above photo). The residential use could range between 150 and 180 units and the hotel could range between 170 and 225 rooms. The number of hotel rooms would decrease as the number of residential units increased and vice versa. However, the maximum limit for the site is a combination of 225 hotel rooms and 150 residential units or 170 hotel rooms and 180 residential units.
  4. 1-11 John Street: The new building would be approximately 170 feet in height and contain up to 130 units.

According to the NY Post, “More than 1,200 luxury condos were slated to raise money to offset costly park maintenance. To date, only 447 have been built at the One Brooklyn Bridge Park complex near Atlantic Avenue. And only one-third of those have sold after hitting the market 20 months ago.” However, the Pier 1 construction has begun installing utilities on the site, and by February, “will be importing 60,000 cubic yards of fill and topsoil (enough to fill Boro Hall twice) by truck. This fill will be used to create the grading, including a 25 foot hill, on Pier 1. In early spring they will install finishes, including placing steps, building a gate house, laying top soil, and beginning playground construction. Pier 1 will turn green at the end of spring with the planting of trees and shrubs, and the laying of sod, turf, and ground cover. Paved pathways, benches, and railings will be installed in the fall.”

See more update information on the Brooklyn Bridge Park website. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation invites all to a public meeting on Brooklyn Bridge Park’s financial model:

Thursday, January 29, 6:00 pm
Dibner Auditorium, NYU-Polytechnic University
5 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY

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