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From one of our local reporters, Sabrina:

Dumbo is the perfect hidden gem and hideaway for native New Yorkers and tourists alike. Take a stroll in Brooklyn Bridge Park, enjoy some delectable crepes and eclairs at Almondine Bakery on Water St. Warm up to an eye awakening latte from Archway Cafe at the Pearl St Triangle and meander your way to NOS Shoe Boutique on Front St. to spoil yourself in sassy footwear that will make you feel like a million bucks, but won’t break your budget :-).

(Photo by j_segura in the DumboNYC Flickr pool.)

10/13/10 1:10pm

Archway Cafe

If you are looking to relax and escape into a true Brooklyn oasis, Archway Cafe is the spot to retreat to. This coffee bar/art space/ eatery is extremely inviting with it’s airy feel, high ceilings, and general good vibes with exotic tunes in the background to fully absorb this unique sensual experience. The organic, free trade coffee is from local Brooklyn roasters. Archway Cafe is currently serving breakfast and lunch but will start serving dinner (sit down and deliveries) as well as brunch very soon. All the artwork displayed will be rotated on a monthly basis with an opening each month, to welcome the new artist at the cafe.

Archway Cafe
57 B Pearl Street (between Water and Front Sts.)
Open daily from 7am-7pm

(Reporting by Sabrina Ravindranath)

11/18/09 1:16pm

Concord Market

Concord Market is located on Tillary Street (at the corner of Jay St) right behind the Concord Village apartment complex, considered to be in downtown Brooklyn. In fact, Alap Vora, owner and manager, grew up in this complex. He knows the community very well and has many years experience in the business world for his young age. He grew up in a family that owns many retail stores so he has practical and first hand expertise on running a venue like this. Also, living in the vicinity, there was no market quite like this. The residents and other people in the area wanted convenience, service and value. This is exactly what it offers and plans to stay that way for the long haul.

The interior is very green, fresh, clean and modern looking. The look of this store conveys the philosophy behind it–freshness and quality food that is affordable. Concord Market was completely gutted, renovated, and refurbished. Concord Market plans on catering as well and delivers.

Concord Market

Concord Market
91 Tillary Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 522-1930
open daily 7am-10pm

(Reporting by Sabrina Ravindranath)

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{Two new groceries to open in Downtown, The Brooklyn Paper}

10/06/09 1:15pm

I was extremely excited to hear of a Southern Indian movie being filmed in Dumbo. I found out about this thanks to the Dumbo playground! When I was with my son at the playground, I met an Indian father with a daughter the same age as my son. He was the producer of the Telegu movie that was being filmed by the water in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Telegu is the official language spoken in the South Eastern state of India called Andhra Pradesh. I later attempted to scope out the filming, but had just missed it. I luckily came in contact with the mother of the main actor who arranged for me to meet with the hero and heroine.

“Maro Charitra” is the name of the movie which means “another life” or “another history”. The main actor is Varun Sandesh Jeedigunta and main actress is Anita Michelle Galler (both pictured above on Adams Street in Dumbo. (another pic)). They were extremely sweet and personable (played with my son while I spoke with them). “Maro Charitra” is a remake of the 1978 box office hit movie with the same name. This same movie was also remade in Hindi in 1981 and called “Ek Duuje Ke Liye” (directed by K. Balachander). It is basically a love story similar to Romeo and Juliet in that two families do not accept a love relationship because of opposing family views and try their best to keep the love birds apart. The filming was also taken place in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas,Niagara Falls, and Kansas City. Varun and Anita had a wonderful and unique experience in the Dumbo neighborhood. They hope to come back to work and play in Dumbo very soon!

Today’s guest blogger, Sabrina Ravindranath is a “passionate lover of people, places and events” and loves living in Dumbo. (Photo by Sabrina).

09/21/09 12:00pm

NOS shoe boutique (rhymes with gloss), is Dumbo’s newest high fashion boutique. But don’t look at it as a fashion store that sells expensive shoes and accessories, says Racquel Nosworthy, Owner. Her goal for NOS shoe boutique is to create a unique shopping experience centered around having fun with life and feeling good about yourself. She has a vision that believes in the smaller, emerging, funky, sexy, and extremely talented shoe designers. When we sat down with Ms. Nosworthy, it was clear to us that she has a true passion for the footwear, accessories, and layered apparel sourced for her store. She shares that enthusiasm and knowledge with her customers. The store proudly displays the new shoe ‘talent’ and is perfect for the customer looking for that unique item that can’t be found at a high end department store.

The collection of shoes and accessories throughout the store lets shoppers coordinate their footwear with their “sexy” lifestyle. Shoes are displayed as priceless pieces of art and arranged thoughtfully along two walls with comfortable couches that center the space. [Check out these boots for an idea of what you can expect at NOS.] One side of the store is arranged with women’s shoes (the ‘feminine side’, accessorized with chrome and glass decor), while the other side displays the men’s shoes and women’s clothing (accessorized with wood and glass for a tad more masculine look).

She treats everyone equally and has a fun loving, open minded attitude that is so refreshing and inviting to people that they won’t get flustered when people come in who are ‘just looking’. Ms. Nosworthy, also a Dumbo resident, believes in the neighborhood’s appeal and brings her expert retail experience, design sense, service, and passion to NOS. We wish her the best in Dumbo!

[UPDATE: May 1, 2010. NOS moved three blocks from 68 Jay Street to 117 Front Street]

NOS Shoe Boutique (nosboutique.com)
117 Front street (between Washington and Adams Street), Brooklyn, NY 11201

(Reporting by Sabrina Ravindranath)