09/28/11 12:22pm

"Thrive in Dumbo" - depression, recession, refreshin'

Dumbo Area

Dumbo is a neighborhood north of Downtown Brooklyn under the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. The area is right at the waterfront of Pier 1 which is now the site of the amazing Brooklyn Bridge Park that features the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory, River Cafe restaurant, a merry go round and tons of out grass to layout on and relax.

Dumbo vs. Manhattan

Dumbo is the home of more than 88 digital and design companies with lots of other industries represented. Dumbo looks and feels just like the city with it being only a walk across the bridge away or one stop on the subway. The difference with Dumbo, Brooklyn from Manhattan is, in Manhattan a small company can easily get lost in the clutter. There are thousands and thousands of firms in the city and everyone is too busy to stop and talk, let alone notice what the next guy is doing. In Manhattan a small company is just another straw in the hay stack.

No Strangers

Dumbo is not the kind of city neighborhood where you see strangers everyday. We know the companies by the names of it’s owners and employees. We mingle more than once a month at Digital Dumbo and Dumbo Tech Breakfast. We offer each other advice and assistance without consideration of competition. The companies here in Dumbo work collaboratively toward the benefit of all stationed here.

Set for Success

In Dumbo just as a “Tree grows in Brooklyn” a “Young firm goes strong in Dumbo”. It is a NYC neighborhood filled with Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs who are motivated to make their companies a success as well as others around them. These individuals love their work and thus love their lives. Any new or small company that decides to set up shop should consider Dumbo, Brooklyn first.

In the words of Mr. Rogers, “Would you be mine, could you be mine, won’t you be my neighbor?”

Post written by Danii Oliver, Interactive designer and developer. CDO of DAMN Digital Studio, an Interactive Agency.