09/06/13 1:58pm
Photo courtesy Jeremy Presner

Photo courtesy Jeremy Presner

The Dumbo Townhouses began construction a few days ago. There are 5 townhomes that will be built on this lot. One is sold and three are in contract. The last one, 175 Water Street is on the market for $4,950,000.

The 5 townhouse status:

  • 55 Pearl Street (closed on 9/25/2012 for $3,725,000)
  • 169 Water Street (In contract, offered at $4,100,000)
  • 171 Water Street (In contract, offered at $4,300,000)
  • 173 Water Street (In contract, offered at $4,500,000)
  • 175 Water Street (On the market for $4,950,000)
Photo taken on September 4, 2013

Photo taken on September 4, 2013

Photo taken on September 5, 2013

Photo taken on September 5, 2013

{Dumbo Townhouses on Pearl Street On the Market for $4.1 Million, 10Jun2013}
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07/10/13 12:22pm

Plymouth Street

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) have constructed full scale granite cobble mock-ups to demonstrate roadway reconstruction techniques for the Dumbo/Vinegar Hill street reconstruction for Water Street, Pearl Street, Plymouth Street, Main Street, and Adams Street. According to the Dumbo BID, work will take place on streets as indicated in the map below (Yellow = DOT scope / full street and plaza reconstruction; Blue = DEP scope / water and sewer reconstruction):


The granite cobble mock-ups will demonstrate how a mix of new and original cobblestone could be used to rebuild the streets, which, along with the centuries-old sewer and water lines below, are slated for reconstruction beginning next year. The test streets will be on view to the public, and DOT will be on hand to take feedback on the design and stones. The public is encouraged to comment on the design and materials – as several options for reuse of old and introduction of new materials will be presented. Comments will be taken on site and can also be emailed to plazas@dot.nyc.gov. The Dumbo BID writes, “These comments will be incorporated into a design package that will then be presented to Community Board 2 on July 22 for project approval. The design will also need approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission this fall.”

The viewing schedule for the rest of the week is as follows at Pier 6 of Brooklyn Bridge Park (along Furman Street near Atlantic Avenue):

  • Wednesday, July 10 – 12-2PM
  • Thursday, July 11 – 8-11AM
  • Friday, July 12 – 9-11AM
  • Saturday, July 13 – 9AM-12PM

Some oppose the use of mass produced cobblestones or a bike lane such as the one on Washington Street in Dumbo.

So we asked the DOT for some further background on the proposed stones. The DOT Commissioner Sadik-Khan wrote to us to clear up some confusion about bike lanes: “This community requested project will restore the street’s historical elegance while removing stumbling blocks for the thousands of people walking and biking in the neighborhood daily.” They continue to receive feedback from the community as the design demonstration period continues, but the presence of a bike lane has not been identified as an issue.

We asked about feedback about installing a bike lane on Water Street. She said that “some blogs have written, inaccurately, that cobblestones on Water Street will be removed to install a bike path. This is false. This is a total street reconstruction project and the cobblestones are being restored as part of the capital upgrade, regardless of the street’s designation as a Greenway. The section of Water Street in the project area hasn’t been significantly upgraded in more than a century and utilities for the growing number of residences and businesses in the area are overdue for reconstruction. Half of the cobblestones in the project are currently covered by asphalt just to make the street navigable.”

“As with many other roadway reconstructions across the city, this project also brings an opportunity to improve roadway design to make streets even safer and easier to navigate for all street users and meet ADA requirements—such as installing smooth, walkable crosswalks. A similar, complete street reconstruction on Washington Street and another section of Water Street started more than three years ago [ref: 10May2010 and 03Dec2009], replacing sewers and water mains while upgrading underground utilities and sidewalks, and the materials demonstration was developed specifically to address community feedback on these redesigns. DOT continues to work with the community board on the project (we held two workshops in just the last year) and we look forward to continuing our efforts with the board.”

Take a look at the mockup at Pier 6 and send your comments. What do you think?

(Photo by j_segura)

06/11/13 3:47pm

The Fitness Guru

The Fitness Guru

The Fitness Guru

The Fitness Guru opened their new gym at 215 Water Street (between Bridge and Jay Streets) on June 6, 2013. The 8,000 square foot gym includes two levels with areas for weights and various workout equipment, men and women’s shower and locker rooms, pilates area, and a huge spinning studio called Bike Brooklyn. The lower level includes a 360 degree monkey bar, barre, weights, and other equipment. The main level includes the workout equipment, locker rooms, pilates, weights, and a terraced Brooklyn Bike studio. Michael Feigin, the founder of The Fitness Guru (TFG), told us that he is interested in creating an accessible community space for members and unlike other gyms, avoids the revolving door membership of regular box gyms. TFG has boot camp, spin, barre, and other classes, and will be adding more. For schedule and info, go to fitnessgurunyc.com.

The Fitness Guru (fitnessgurunyc.com)
215 Water Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

{The Fitness Guru and Bike Brooklyn to Open Fitness Center at 215 Water Street in Dumbo, 06Nov2012}

06/10/13 5:41pm

Dumbo Townhouses

[UPDATED: the first of the 5 townhouses is the only one on the market. Also updated the per sq ft numbers for 1 Main St.]]

Curbed first reported that the first Dumbo Townhouse at 55-57 Pearl Street (aka 169 Water Street) is listed for $4.1 million. Sotheby’s is listing the 18′ wide, 5 story townhouse. There are 5 townhouses – four are 3,049 square feet and one is 3,358 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths. At $4.1 million, or $1344/sqft for the 3,049 sqft townhouse are asking more than recent closing prices for 1 Main Street (which are closing at $1,200 – 1,600 per sqft, according to recorded sales in the past month. 9B sold in One Main St at $1581.79 per sq foot ).

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05/15/13 11:21am

dumbotoDumbo Townhouseswnhouses5

Dumbo Townhouses

Dumbo Townhouses

Dumbo Townhouses

Dumbo Townhouses

The Dumbo Townhouses, developed by Dumbo based Alloy (the real estate development company that developed 192 Water Street and 185 Plymouth Street) have released plans for the five townhomes on the corner of Pearl and Water Street via their website.

The the five townhouses, all include parking garage, rooftop outdoor space, and six stories:

  • 55 Pearl Street, 3,358 sf / 695 ext sf / 466 sf garage, (floorplan pdf)
  • 169 Water Street, 3,049 sf / 664 ext sf / garage, (floorplan pdf)
  • 171 Water Street, 3,049 sf / 664 ext sf / garage, (floorplan pdf)
  • 173 Water Street, 3,049 sf / 664 ext sf / garage, (floorplan pdf)
  • 175 Water Street, 3,049 sf / 664 ext sf / garage, (floorplan pdf)

No word on pricing yet, but with demand high for family sized homes in Dumbo with limited inventory, these will probably be north of $4MM or even $5MM+. To compare, one penthouse (PHS) at 185 Plymouth Street (3,056 sf) is on the market for $3,950,000 and the other (PHN) is $3,400,000.

Dumbo Townhouses

Dumbo Townhouses

(Photos from dumbotownhouses.com. The Dumbo Townhouses website was developed by Dumbo’s Brooklyn United)

04/19/13 11:39am

Parking lot at 56 Jay St

The increase in food trucks in NYC is a great thing for those looking for lunch and dinner options. High quality food being served in neighborhoods that need options is welcome. However in some cases, that has led to turf wars to get prime parking spots. Dumbo has been lucky to get a steady strem of great trucks, but they risk being ticketed or sent away by transit police. The trucks have to park in Dumbo starting at 7am to get prime spots.

But Thomas Yang and his partners at food trucks Bian Dang, Fun Buns, and Fishing Shrimp saw this as an opportunity to make a positive out of a negative. They formed a coop to lease the parking lot on the corner of Jay and Water Street in Dumbo for a food truck lot. We spoke with Thomas about it:

Which food trucks will be in the lot? Will there be other ones that may rotate there?

We will have a variety of food trucks that will rotate in the space. A sample of them will be, Bian Dang, Fun Buns, and Fishing Shrimp, Domo Taco, Mike N’ Willie’s, Big D’s Grub Truck, Korilla BBQ, Milk Truck, Wafels & Dinges, Cool Haus, Palenque, Carl’s Steaks, and Food Freaks.

What prompted you to lease the space?

We like the community and vibe down here. We know people want food trucks, but it seems that there are some people that don’t want us here and the police have been shooing us away. This lot will allow us to be there to provide good food.

What will the hours be there?

We are looking to set up from 11am to 3pm [weekdays]. Also we’re asking [Dumbo] to see if there is interest for dinners from 4/5pm – 8/9pm. Some vendors are looking for a long term strategy to really create a nice space. We’d love to hear from the neighborhood!

Please comment and let them know what you’d like to see in that space. Is there an interst in dinner service there? They also talked about hosting events. If so, let them know in the comments.

Parking lot at 56 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
Corner of Jay and Water Street in Dumbo

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