06/14/12 2:52pm

(photo by tripill)

Pearl Street Triangle is getting a new coat of yellow paint. Yellow should be much more visible for the satellites.

UPDATE: According to the Dumbo Improvement District, yellow is not the final color. “Artist David Ellis is painting the Pearl Street Triangle in layers. The mural will be completed next week (weather permitting), and each day of the installation, the work will go through a new transformation as Ellis improvises and paints new layers of design onto the surface of the Triangle.” Cool.

(Photo by @ad454)

(Photo by @tripill)

10/14/11 9:20am

Sign: "Pay Attention While Walking"

Seen on Water and Washington Street:
“Your Facebook status update can wait” Metropolitan Etiquette Authority

New York City artist Jay Shells posted a series of brilliant official-looking etiquette signs around Manhattan and Brooklyn under the guise of the “Metropolitan Etiquette Authority,” including the one above in Dumbo (along with others.)

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06/29/11 2:58pm

Stabber Alley Tag Part 1

Stabber Alley Tag Part 2

These photos by Josh Derr of Dumbo’s Stabber Alley (at the base of the Manhattan Bridge) got some new graffiti, Gothamist first reported. Stabber Alley got some recent fame when people competed for mayorship on Foursquare last year.

The complete tag reads “No tiene dinero pero tengo mi corazon…”, which according to Gothamist translates to “You have no money but I have heart…” which doesn’t apply to many of Dumbo’s residents, at least according to the latest census.