04/15/13 12:09pm

Eight of the ten condos at 185 Plymouth Street have been sold. When the condo development website went up in August 2012, we speculated that they would go fast. By November 2012, many of the condo units were spoken for. As of last week, the two penthouse units have come on the market. PHN is currently listed at $3.4MM and PHS is currently listed at $3.95MM.

  • PHN (along John Street) has 2,156 square feet interior space, and 2,049 exterior space. $3,400,000 ($1576/sf), common charges: $1577/mo, tax: $1676/mo
  • PHS (along Plymouth Street) has 3,056 square feet interior space, and 1,870 exterior space. $3,950,000 ($1292/sf), common charges: $1904/mo, tax: $2024/mo


The ten unit development project at 185 Plymouth Street (between Jay and Bridge Streets) is being developed by Alloy, the real estate development company that developed 192 Water Street in Dumbo and collaborated on the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 residential/hotel complex with Starwood Capital.

Alloy has also posted a sign up page for their Dumbo Townhouses on Pearl and Water Street. We posted about it in February 2013 and about the elephant mural that had to go. Landmark Preservation Commission approved the designs to build 5 townhouses in the 55-57 Pearl Street location. If you would like to be informed about their progress, go to dumbotownhouses.com.

04/02/13 10:09am

Filming in Dumbo: Ironside (April 2, 2013)

Filming in Dumbo: Ironside (April 5, 2013)

Ironside, an NBC TV drama is being filmed in Dumbo Brooklyn on April 2 and 5, 2013. According to IMDB, Ironside “centers on Robert T. Ironside, a tough, sexy and acerbic police detective relegated to a wheelchair after a shooting who is hardly limited by his disability as he pushes and prods his hand-picked team to solve the most difficult cases.” The cast includes actors Brent Sexton, Spencer Grammer, Blair Underwood, Pablo Schreiber, and Kenneth Choi.

Filming will occur on the followign streets:

  • Both sides of Adams Street between John and Front St.
  • Both sides of Pearl Street between John and Water St.
  • Both sides of Plymouth Street between Adams and Jay St.
  • South side of Water Street between Washington and Adams St.
  • Both sides of Front Street between Washington and Jay St.

All filming posts are tagged here: DumboNYC.com/tag/filming

04/01/13 1:44pm

The L Mag’s annual 50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn was posted last week. Among the best included a few in Dumbo, one in Vinegar Hill, and Brooklyn Heights:

Plymouth Street

Best Urban Palimpsest: Plymouth Street, between Washington and Main streets, DUMBO
“On one side are old Gairville warehouses, repurposed for start-ups and a (now out-of-business) restaurant; on the other, a mod Brooklyn Bridge Park playground. In the middle are belgian blocks cut through with decommissioned rails, driving over which you might spot an aughts-model sports car (as we did the other day).”

Miso Sushi

Best Honest-to-Goodness Alleyway: Howard Alley, DUMBO
“Watch a Hollywood movie set in NYC, and you’ll likely see at some point a character dash down an alley. But truth is this city ain’t got many alleys, at least not anymore. (It’s the one thing Chicago has on us.) But this back-passage in DUMBO looks just like the genuine article—much cooler than nearby Fleet Alley, a glorified driveway—complete with a scary door at its end we’d dare never approach, let alone pass through.”

Front Street

Best-Smelling Block: Front Street, between Adams and Washington streets, DUMBO
“We walk down this street to work almost every day and are greeted by olfactory goodness. First the smell of freshly made juices from Foragers, then the toasted bread from the panini grill at Al Mar, and finally the scent of bacon-y goodness from Peas & Pickles. Then, of course, you cross the street and get assaulted by the mysterious sewage smell outside of West Elm and are forced to recognize that happiness is fleeting and garbage is always around the corner. Such is life.”

Cutest Private Street: Harrison Alley, Vinegar Hill
“If you’ve never wandered through the strange few blocks that constitute Vinegar Hill, you really should. Like, just around the corner from the popular Vinegar Hill House restaurant is this alley, basically a driveway, long-since (always?) fenced off by the people who live in the house at its end. (A curious sculpture surrounds their mailbox on the public side of the fence.) Yet it still has an official city street sign, adorably hanging off a crooked pole.”

Best Bike Lane Block: Flushing Avenue, between Washington Avenue and Hall Street, Clinton Hill
“Just in general, Flushing is one of the borough’s most reliable thoroughfares for cyclists, but the stretch along the Brooklyn Navy Yards, starting at Washington? Pure bliss. Here, there’s an actual cement barrier separating you and your bike from oblivious drivers. It’s almost too good to be true!”

(One of) Five Best Blocks to Live On
College Place, Brooklyn Heights
“Love Lane is the one everyone knows, but it’s this side street off that side street that’s really where you’ll find some of the prettiest housing stock in Brooklyn. Get down to the end and it’s just ridiculously European—plus totally secluded, even though you’re a very short walk away from stores and subways.”

{4 of 50 Best Brooklyn Blocks in Dumbo, 03Nov2010}

02/27/13 4:17pm

Dumbo has a community of furniture craftmakers and studios such as Olga Guanabara (which moved to 215 Plymouth Street in August 2012), Journey Home, Shibui, and Baxter & Liebchen, among others.

While several have moved (see below), a new furniture maker has set up a studio on Plymouth Street, Mark Jupiter. We caught up with Mark in Dumbo:

Q: How did you get started in the furniture making business?

A: I have been making furniture my entire life. It started in my father’s woodshop as a child and evolved into making custom pieces for the Homes I build as a founding partner of the award winning prefabrication green housing company New World Home.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: This will be our first year in business with our official launch happening now. We will be a first time exhibitor for BKLYN Designs in Dumbo this year (May 10-12, 2013).

Q: Why Dumbo?

A: To begin with my family and I live in Dumbo and have for going on 6 years now. So that was the easy part. However, we could not have picked a better neighborhood to start the company. DUMBO is going through a wonderful expansion period so we hope to serve all the new residents that are in need of something different when it comes to decorating their apartments. There is also a lot of buzz about the neighborhood in general so it makes it a fun place for the industry in general to come and visit.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: Great question – and a tough one. My immediate answer would be nature, but I also think i get a lot of inspiration from the great furniture designers around the world. The trick for me is to combine that inspiration with something the public can relate to and most importantly….afford.

Q: What do your clients like about your pieces?

A: They like that nobody else has them. That they are unique and specific to them. However, beyond this, they really appreciate the great stories behind the reclaimed materials and the care in which they are combined and constructed.

Congrats to Mark on the launch of his business! (Images courtesy of Mark Jupiter)

There have been several furniture makers in Dumbo who have moved either due to space constraints, high rents, or expansion – Counter Evolution (Moved from 10 Jay St to Navy Yards in 2012), City Joinery (left in June 2011 after rent hike and moved to MA), Prague Kolektiv (closed in February 2009), Bruce Marsh Designs (moved in 2009), ABC Carpet (closed the Dumbo location in 2006), WONK (moved out of 68 Jay St in October 2009), Aswoon/Susan Woods (closed the Dumbo location in 2008 and moved to Navy Yards), Jay East (67 Jay Street, closed retail location in 2011), From the Source (65 Jay Street, relocated to Greenpoint).

Mark Jupiter (markjupiter.com)
191 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
email: info@markjupiter.com
phone: 718-401-6600

Showroom hours:
weekdays 9:30 am – 5 pm, weekends 12 – 5 pm or call for an appointment