10/04/11 1:18pm

Starting on October 1, the city is required to keep data on bicycle accidents. According to the latest data betweeen 1996 and 2005, there were 11 pedestrian deaths as a result of crashes with cyclists. From 1996 to 2003, there were 12,412 non-fatal accidents between bikers and pedestrians. “Pedestrian Traffic Managers” have been stationed on the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge until 7pm daily, hired by the city to keep bridge walkers safe (for $38/hr per the Brooklyn Independent Television clip above).

Will bicyclists and pedestrians on the Brooklyn Bridge and other East River crossings get along better?

(via BRIC Arts Media)

03/30/11 10:34pm

Notice from NYC DOT Division of Bridges:
The Manhattan Bridge Rehabilitation Program continues with Contract No. 14, which will involve re-wrapping the four main cables, replacement of all 628 bridge suspenders, and replacement of the bridge’s necklace lighting. Contract No. 14’s anticipated completion date is June, 2013.

All work is planned in coordination with the Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation Program to minimize traffic and other disruptions as much as possible. Over spring 2011, the project is moving forward with:

  • Replacement of suspenders
  • Re-wrapping the main cable
  • Preventive maintenance

Bicycle and Pedestrian Detours in 2011
During Contract No. 14, access to the bridge will always be maintained for cyclists and pedestrians. However, some detours will be necessary in order to provide adequate worker protection, and the riding and walking public. Detours will be announced and marked in advance.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact me at (347) 325-1622 or at manhattanbridgeoutreach@gmail.com. Thank you.

{The Spring 2011 newsletter (pdf 617kb}

06/22/10 3:00pm

In March, the Dumbo Improvement District (DUMBO BID) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for design schemes and ideas that re-envision the public space known as the Pearl Street Triangle from professional architects and designers that reside or work in Dumbo.

Once a parking lot and illegal dumping site, the DUMBO BID with NYC DOT, opened the transformed Pearl Street Triangle on August 8, 2007, complete with its signature bright green paint, street furniture and public art features as a temporary treatment to gage the community’s response and usage of the space. In the three years since, the DUMBO BID is looking towards future uses of the public space and hopes that this competition will spur some thought on how the Pearl Street Triangle should evolve as an innovative and functional public space for Dumbo.

They showcased 8 design proposals in May. Last night, the DUMBO BID announced the winner of the Pearl Street Triangle “Ideas Competition.” The winner was by Brendan Coburn, AIA of Coburn Architecture (based at 45 Main Street) and his project designers, Yuliya Ilizarov and Abdou Ndoye titled “The Tracks: Ride the Rails!”

Project Name: The Tracks: Ride the Rails!
Description: The Tracks plaza takes it’s inspiration from the myriad of rail lines that at one time weaved their way through the industrial streets of DUMBO. As these tracks emerge from beneath the pavement surrounding the triangle they become the armature for a series of tiered seats that wind through the site to create three amphitheater-like spaces: the first, facing the Manhattan Bridge, is delineated by seating for films projected onto the masonry wall that encloses the arch beneath the bridge; the second, a performance and display space enclosed by two opposing tiers; and the third, where a low tier hugs a series of in-ground fountains. Shallow alcoves are molded underneath the higher tiers, welcoming local artists to display their creations.

All of the submissions were interesting and had a different spin on the use of the public space. There was even one that proposed adding a subway stop at the Manhattan Bridge anchor above the Triangle with an elevator/stairs down below. How do you think the space should be used? Other submissions after the jump.

05/10/10 4:13pm

Water Street construction

As we previously posted, the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) started work in Dumbo – water and sewer enhancements and the Department of Transportation (DOT) started the renovation projects for both bridges that anchor our neighborhood- the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. We received the latest report today from the DDC on the street reconstruction in Dumbo. The construction work is on-time and scheduled to be completed in the Summer 2011. (See PDF newsletter).

Separately, the DOT has been preparing for the Brooklyn Bridge facelift- a new paint job, deck resurfacing, and rehabilitation and widening of the bridge’s ramps and approaches. The $500million, 4 year project will begin in June. The $150million Manhattan Bridge construction will “replace all of the vertical suspension cables on the 100-year-old Manhattan Bridge and will cause sporadic weekend disruptions in subway service and require closings of the bikeway and some traffic lanes for parts of the next four years”.

Several roads (Water Street from Adams to Old Fulton Streets and Washington Street from York to Plymouth Streets) are being dug up to install water and sewer mains so the area has updated infrastructure. The crews and their vehicles are staged in two locations under the Brooklyn Bridge – near the intersection of Front St and York and in the lot next to Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park. Work is scheduled to continue through 2011 for the street reconstruction project. They are hard at work, but some residents are not happy that they start before the permitted start time of 7am, with refueling and moving of equipment starting as early as 6:15am and also occurring on Saturdays, when work is not allowed. If you have any difficulties or questions about the work, you can contact the following:

DOT Liaison for water and sewer work. Oversees Tully Construction, the contractor that parks their vehicles at Front and York.
Paul Kidder 718.643.2768

DOT Liaison for Brooklyn Bridge work.
Sabrina Lau 347.647.0876

DOT Liaison for Manhattan Bridge work.
Teresa Toro 347.325.1622

The contact number for Tully is 718.446.7000 ext 8. Fred Hartman is the manager for the work in Dumbo.

Residents “welcome that funding has been secured to update our roads and bridges, but parking and traffic on the bridge will be a challenge for the next few years.” We have noticed a lot less parking spots on the streets, so visitors and residents will have to park in lots or even park in neighboring areas such as Vinegar Hill and downtown Brooklyn. With street and bridge construction (and Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park reconstruction), it’s a wonder how many visitors still visit Dumbo.

{Notice: Cars Parked on Dock Street, 12Apr2010}
{Water Street Reconstruction Update (Mar/Apr 2010), 10Mar2010}
{Water/Washington St Reconstruction Project Update, 03Dec2009}
{Belgian Block Reconstruction to Begin, 04May2009}