06/04/13 4:44pm

John Street Condo Design Presentation

Back in December 2012, the Brooklyn Bridge Park issued a request for proposals to develop the 1 John Street building, the section of John Street between Adams and Pearl Street of the park for residential development. Con Edison sold the 3.4 acres between John Street and the East River that it has owend for half a century in January 2013. Con Edison says its total investment in the property over the years is about $600,000, but the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation has agreed to pay $9.2 million for it. Revenue from a 96-year lease on the land under the building would help pay for the purchase.

Curbed reported that there are 11 condo designs that were presented with “the stated goals of the project to “enliven the northern entrance of the park,” build “high-quality, visually appealing residential development,” and “seamlessly integrate the park and the surrounding community.” The site allows for a maximum height of 130 feet, up to 130 residential units (101,000 sq ft of residential space), ground floor retail, and up to 110 parking spaces. The winning respondents will be selected this summer. (Side note: One of the bidders plans to use crowdfunding to get the community involved in investing up to $1 million in the retail component of the development.)

Which one should the park choose?

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 1)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 2)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 3)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 4)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 5)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 6)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 7)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 8)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 9)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 10)

John Street Condo Design Presentation

(Team 11)

For full RFP presentation, go to Project Approvals and Presentations, BrooklynBridgePark.org

01/10/13 2:41pm

Filming in Dumbo: Are We Officially Dating?

Filming in Dumbo Brooklyn between today, January 10 through Saturday, January 12, 2013 is a romantic comedy film called Are We Officially Dating? From the IMDB description: “Three Manhattan bachelors make a pact to have as much fun as possible while remaining single.” Production vehicles are parked along the ConEd plant at Bridge and John Streets.

The movie stars Zac Efron and Imogen Poots. (Photo courtesy gplus.to/russbird)

All filming posts are tagged here: DumboNYC.com/tag/filming

12/17/12 3:46pm

Brooklyn Bridge Park is requesting proposals for the long-term lease, development and operation of a vacant parcel at the northern end of the park for a premier residential development at John Street (between Adams and Pearl Street) in Dumbo.

The site consists of approximately 9,600 square feet and is located within a vacant 147,460 square foot lot just east of the Manhattan Bridge. It allows for up to 130 residential units comprising up to 101,000 square feet with a maximum height of 130 feet, up to 110 parking spaces and ground floor retail. The building just west of the lot is 10 Jay Street.

Previously, the proposed building was to be 170 feet tall and 16 stories high with 130 units but was reduced from opposition to the size.

The future John Street section of the park is approximately 1.5 acres and will serve as the Park’s northern entrance. The build-out of this section is fully-funded and will include an innovative waterfront design, pedestrian bridges over tidal salt marsh, tree-lined pathways, and a 13,000 square foot gathering lawn. The site, currently owned by Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. will be acquired by Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corp., who will then transfer control of the site to BBP. BBP expects to commence construction on this section of the park immediately upon acquiring the John Street lot and complete the build-out within one year.

(John Street site in Dumbo)

04/30/12 9:53am

IMG 1845

IMG 1877

A fire at the 89 John Street Con Ed substation in Vinegar Hill Brooklyn broke out yesterday (on Plymouth Street between Gold and Bridge Streets) at approximately 5:15pm. News first broke on Twitter before we called 911 to report the incident. Neighbors heard an explosion, followed by a fire and thick black smoke. FDNY controlled the fire by 6:30p and no injuries were reported.

This is the second such fire at the ConEd plant in the past year.

Watch the video of the fire:

By the way, anyone have any information on future plans for the John Street ConEd substation?

Photos and videos by Chris Frank

09/16/11 10:36pm

IMG 1335

Just after 9pm, lights along Plymouth Street went out temporarily. Reader Chris Frank send us this note:
“A transformer exploded at 913PM tonight in the John Street ConEd substation in Dumbo. The sprinkler system worked flawlessly & the fire was out within 10 minutes. Fire dept rolled in with 4 pumpers and a hook & ladder, but didn’t even have to bust in to extinguish and they’ve moved on 30 minutes later. Good job 911, ConEd & the NYFD”

08/15/11 12:20pm

view of ConEd plant, Vinegar Hill

It’s premature to say that a decision has been made to repurpose the ConEd plant along John Street in Dumbo and Vinegar Hill as part of Brooklyn Bridge Park, but an article in the Brooklyn Eagle says that it’s not out of the question. After all, the original plans for Brooklyn Bridge Park was originally planned to stretch only betwee Piers 1 and 5. Pier 6 was added later because the Port Authority owned it. The plans for the park end at Jay Street and John Street. Related to the land near the ConEd plant, last week, politicians decided not to veto a residential building at the John Street plot, but reduced the proposed 17 story building to a 12 stories. DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance’s Doreen Gallo argued the following point in her editorial piece in the Brooklyn Paper.:

“The John Street site should remain public — a great open space to see the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges together on the waterfront. With the power plant closing this year, we should be looking at this site in its entirety up to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and not be thinking about the immediate real estate greed of the present administration.

Any building on the John Street site will eliminate this parcel and future Con Edison waterfront parcels to be considered part of the park and wall off the entrance of the surrounding communities of Vinegar Hill, Farragut and Bridge Plaza.”

A building on John Street could potentially close off the East-West access from Pearl Street towards Gold Street on the waterfront. The Brooklyn Eagle mentions that the ConEd plant in Vinegar Hill will be torn down, which Brownstoner mentioned last year, but for the land to become part of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, several pieces would need to come together for it to happen (environmental surveys, finances, clean up, etc). If the land were repurposed, it would be a nice way to connect the waterfront from the Navy Yards to Pier 6.