04/02/07 12:00am

 Cadman Plaza post office (Photo courtesy of Barrybar).

I know complaints about Brooklyn Post Offices have been circulating around the internets, but I wanted to get an idea of people’s opinions of their service in Dumbo/Vinegar Hill. Our ZIP code is 11201 (Cadman Plaza East). I’ve received several pieces of mail that’s not mine, but thankfully Dumbo isn’t that big an area, and I deliver them to the correct owner. But I’m still waiting for mail that I know has been mailed out to me. Some of them are tax forms that I have to re-request. I’m sure there are many hard-working post office staff, but I have to echo The Consumerist, Why Is It So %#$%@-ing Impossible To Get Your Mail Delivered in Brooklyn? Do you find mail missing or packages not delivered to you?

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