Check out the Line-up for Tomorrow’s First Thursday Gallery Walk!

Ann Schaumburger, After the Storm, 2017,

Ann Schaumburger, After the Storm, 2017, via A.I.R Gallery

Hey art crawlers! The first of the month coincides with First Thursday this month, and DUMBO is awash in fantastic shows. Here’s the rundown of what you’ll see tomorrow as the ‘nabe’s galleries stay open til 8 to welcome you in! First Thursday kicks off at 6pm!

Made in NY Media Center (30 John Street) artists and curators will be in attendance, along with free wine and beer, as Made in MY Media Center presents “Light Year 35: Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories.” This is the third installment of the Digital Fairy Tales series, which has appeared in multiple cities since 2016. The purpose of the series is to present archetypal material from different cultures and ask artists to respond in search of cultural commonalities.

C.A.N.V.A.S Gallery (145 Front Street) presents “Ultra Violet Pilot,” a unique take on art with visuals that are meant to stimulate your third eye under black light visual. The featured artist is the legendary “Rammer” Martinez who will be debuting his 2018 collection as well as a rare live painting for DUMBO’s First Thursday Gallery Walk and showcasing his legendary “Ramography.”

A.I.R. Gallery (155 Plymouth Street) presents “New Work,” an exhibition of paintings by artist Ann Schaumburger, “Slow Motion,” an exhibition of new sculptures by Fellowship Artist Megan Pahmier, and “What the Lips Can’t Say,” an exhibition of new fiber works by Fellowship Artist Daniela Puliti. 

Asphodel (20 Jay Street Suite 832) hosts an opening reception for Stan Van Steedam. This is Van Steendam’s inaugural US solo exhibition.

Janet Borden, INC (91 Water Street) presents David Brandon Geeting’s  “Amusement Park,” an exhibition of photographs whose subjects range from the everyday to the extraordinary. Common objects take on a new facade when re-photographed, re-assembled, or juxtaposed together in colorful, surprising and humorous combinations.

New York Studio School Sculpture Studios (20 Jay Street Suite 307) will be hosting an opening reception for “Objecthood,” a group exhibition of work by advanced sculpture students.

United Photo Industries (16 Main Street Suite B) hosts the opening reception of the Tokyo International Photography Competition 2017: Borders, which brings together eight photographers whose work is exhibited as part of a traveling exhibition in New York (USA), Taipei (TW), Sydney (AU), and Tokyo (JP).The photographs in this exhibition explore the different meanings of borders ranging from physical lines dividing countries to metaphysical confines.

Art in General (145 Plymouth Street) presents “Contra-Internet,” the first-ever solo exhibition in New York by artist Zach Blas and the world premiere of his new film, Jubilee 2033. Contra-Internet confronts the growing hegemony of the internet through installation, video works, CGI animation, glow-in-the-dark text, blown-glass sculptures and a single-edition publication titled The End of the Internet (As We Knew It). At the center of the exhibition is Blas’s timely, queer science fiction film, Jubilee 2033, which presents a futuristic, genderless society rising from the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Silicon Valley.