Spring Cleaning? Take a Photo Inventory of Your Belongings for Insurance Purposes

Photos by m01229, Magnus D, Blake Patterson, and Michell Zappa via Flickr.

Photos by m01229, Magnus D, Blake Patterson, and Michell Zappa via Flickr.

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The daffodils are blooming, the birds are singing, and there have even been a couple of days where you could leave your coat unzipped. It is finally spring in New York City. And you know what that means: spring cleaning time.

While you’re going through all your possessions, dusting behind knickknacks and putting clothes you never wear in bags for Goodwill, there’s one more thing you should be doing. If you’ve got apartment insurance, you should be taking a quick photo inventory of everything in your apartment. That way if you fall victim to theft, fire, or flood, you’ll have a visual reference of everything that you need to have replaced.

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