Keanu Reeves Filming John Wick 2 in Dumbo

Keanu Reeves in Dumbo

New York fans of Bill & Ted, Point Break, and The Matrix have been reporting Keanu Reeves sightings across the city since October, when production began on the sequel to the action star’s surprise hit John Wick. A classic revenge pic with a healthy dose of Hong Kong-style “gun fu,” John Wick was popular with moviegoers and critics alike, and was a comeback of sorts for the 51-year-old Reeves.

Today Gothamist reported that Reeves was filming on a rooftop in Dumbo, along with Matrix co-star Lawrence Fishburne. No word yet on why Wick is seeking out revenge this time — we hope his replacement dog makes it through the film all right — but Fishburne appears to be playing some sort of pigeon hobbyist. Maybe Wick needs some pigeons to fly in the background during a slow-motion, John Woo–style fight?

Dumbo bridge photo by Phil Roeder via Flickr

Dumbo has been seeing more film crews of late. The neighborhood makes frequent cameos in TV’s Batman origin series Gotham, where the archway occasionally stands in for the entrance to the Gotham Police Department. Commissioner Gordon even got beaten to a pulp in that weird little alley around the corner.

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