Sign Up for BKC Brooklyn Central’s Five Dollar Fridays Classes

31-33 Washington Street

31-33 Washington Street

BKC is offering their 5 Dollar Friday series, a collection of accessible, no-frills photography classes each Friday for only $5. They offer topics like Capturing Motion (capture the motions of Dumbo) and Dealing With Low Light (so you can take the low light photos at Superfine), these classes are a bargain. Five Dollar Friday classes begin at 4:30 and end at 6:00 pm.

For those more serious about learning digital photography, BKC offers a comprehensive photo education program.

BKC is a photo, video and creative education center located in Dumbo, Brooklyn. They have been offering photography related seminars since 2011 at the Rabbithole Studios on Washington Street.

33 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(Between Water and Plymouth St in Dumbo)
tel: 718-362-2394

{Digital Photography Seminar at Brooklyn Creative, 30Aug2011}