PSA: Knock Out ‘Game’ Warning in Vinegar Hill

We were informed about an incident that occurred in Vinegar Hill on Sunday from Vinegar Hill residents. We hope that residents of Dumbo and surrounding areas will also be aware as many walk their dogs in Vinegar Hill.

Here is what was posted on a group listserv today:

“At 12:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon in broad daylight a woman who was walking her dog on Water St. between Hudson and Gold was attacked by 4 teenagers.”

A resident who lives on Gold St. was walking her dog and got attacked by 4 teenage kids. They hid behind cars and surprised her, punching her in the face and back of the head.

The kids ran into the projects after being chased.

The police have taken a report and say they probably will catch them.

The kids were not id’d.

This is part of the knockout game that has been happening all over the city for months .

I suggest everyone becomes a little more aware of things after this. It is disgusting and scary that this could have been anyone of us.

Gothamist reported that the four assailants appeared to be between 12 and 17-years-old.

Please be on the lookout for suspicious activity and call the 84th Precinct (718-875-6811 (store this number in your cell phone)) or 911 if you witness any crimes.

One Comment

  • This is sort of activity has been happening off and on for years in VH. Witnessed a group teens, same age group, do the same thing to a guy on his bike 2 summers ago.