Still Time to Register for the Fall DUMBO Einstein Classes

From the DUMBO Einsteins classroom:

We are looking for a few little Einsteins this fall. As many of you know The DUMBO Einsteins is an alternative to Pre K right here in DUMBO! Our classes are sweet, small and have an academic twist.

In the DUMBO Einstein classes, we value socialization and weave ideas of kindness, empathy, participation, and sharing into a structured classroom environment using direct instruction revolving around literacy, art, mathematics, chess, music, theater, and yoga.

Abundant Learning has designed a program that fits around most traditional Pre-K schedules. We intentionally created short classes that meet 1-3 days a week to allow for additional classes elsewhere or if families prefer to have their toddlers home more often. Some of our Einstein families go to traditional Pre-K programs, while others find our setting enough to fit their needs.

Our classes never exceed 6 students, and are led by a minimum of two educators, which allows for individualized attention and personalized instruction. Further, our enrolled Einstein families receive emailed updates, outlining our activities and upcoming events.

If you know a little Einstein that is a good fit, anywhere between 2.5-5.0 years of age, please email to register for our program.

Abundant Learning
68 Jay Street, Suite #513
Brooklyn, NY 11201