Bicycle Riding Over the Belgian Blocks

(Photo by Lauren Davis)

Historic Brooklyn Neighborhood Dumbo is charmed with cobblestone roads that make bicycling through this delightful neighborhood a Paris- Roubaix race. However, when riding in style it’s best to keep to a safe route that will make your ride through this whimsical neighborhood a delight. We’ve put together a few tips to help you ride these Belgian Blocks and through any rough terrain wherever you are.

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    (Photo by Lauren Davis)Ride Along Flat Lines: like the photo above, some historical rail lines in the neighborhood are covered in flat pavement that make it easier for you to ride through.
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    (Photo by Forgotten NY)Walk Your Bike: Cobble terrains can make you feel like you’re mountain biking and if you’re not the type to pro bike your way through, take your bike for a walk instead. As an added benefit, you can check out the details of the Landmarked buildings in Dumbo.
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    (Photo by With Love From Brooklyn)Or better yet, rent a bike through Citi Bike NYC, where you don’t have to risk you bike tires on the cobbles and can easily park these wheels in a neighborhood station.
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    (Photo by Recycle-a-Bicycle)In case you do decide to go pro and ride through Dumbo like it’s the Tour de France cobblestone race and get a flat tire, you can always make your way to Recycle-a-Bicycle or Redbread Bikes where you can get your flat fixed.

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