Video: Vice and Vinegar Hill House

The owners of Vinegar Hill House (VHH) meet with Vice for an episode of Munchies. Jean Adamson (chef/co-owner of VHH), Sam Buffa (co-owner of VHH), Brian Leth (chef de cuisine at VHH), Andrew Field from Rockaway Taco and Chris Perachini, owner of Roberta’s go to Hotel Delmano and Pies ‘N Thighs in Williamsburg before heading back to Vinegar Hill House for an after hours pizza cook off with their co-owners Sammy Stewart, Justin Gallaher, staff and friends.

See the video to hear about Jean’s plans before opening VHH and why they chose Vinegar Hill. Jean described the first months of Vinegar Hill House as a “shit show”. For those who went during opening month at VHH (including us), we didn’t have a bad experience. You would’ve thought that they had everything worked out. Then Brian Leth joined as the chef de cuisine.

Vinegar Hill House
72 Hudson Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11201