PSA: Blankslate is Hiring

Hi DumboNYC readers. BlankSlate, based in Dumbo Brooklyn, manages advertising for DumboNYC. They’re an important part of why I am able to keep DumboNYC up and running. They’re fast growing network of premium sites focusing on urban audiences (including Brownstoner, Brokelyn, The L Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine and many more. BlankSlate is excellent at connecting local merchants and businesses to DumboNYC and we hope the ads have been useful for you. The revenue from the ads are recycled back into the community to support non-profit organizations. We hope it’s a win-win-win for the readers, small businesses, and organizations.

BlankSlate is growing and is looking for a Digital Sales Assistant. The Digital Sales Assistant will work closely with BlankSlate’s ad sales team on all aspects of the sales cycle, from lead generation to media proposals, to social media, as well as campaign management and ad trafficking. You’ll gain knowledge of all aspects of digital media advertising as well as the ability to create your own path with a unique and growing media company.

For details, go to Be part of the Dumbo community and contact them or forward to someone you know who would be interested.

(Side note: Contact brad [at] for advertising options. For advertisers, not only will you be sending your message to a targeted crowd in Dumbo, ad revenue is donated to support the Dumbo community. If anyone would like to be a one time or regular contributor, guest writer, or photographer, please contact me.)