Injured Falcon Saved in Dumbo

Who knew there are falcons in NYC? Apparently one was badly injured along Bridge Street yesterday. People noticed the bird hobbling and a crowd gathered until one person called in an animal specialist. The person who saved the injured falcon sent this to us:

Below are a few photos of the brown falcon that was rescued today on Bridge Street. The majestic bird crashed into the top of 220 Water St this afternoon around 2pm. It spiraled to the sidewalk stunned and motionless, but conscious. It later stumbled around a bit. Attempted to fly but was unable to. It eventually perched itself on the top of a Nissan SUV. The owner of the car was actually going to drive away with the bird on top when people in the ensuing crowd convinced the idiot to wait.

First we called the city, but the Animal Control line was busy. We eventually contacted an animal specialist through a referral who arrived thirty minutes later and took the bird to safety.