Upcoming HUGE Tech Meetups in Dumbo

1) Event Title: Solr In Practice: Customizing Search Rankings
When: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 @ 6:45 PM
Where: Huge BK, 45 Main St. Suite 220 Brooklyn, NY 11201
This Huge Tech meetup event is meant to give a hands-on demonstration of advanced Solr search features. The goal is to motivate attendees to dig deep into the feature and integrate it into their own websites. The session will focus on using external data for ranking results and will be followed by a series of guest lightning talks by professionals who use Solr on popular websites.This meetup is targeted to those who are already familiar with the basics of Solr, but even beginner search coders are encouraged to attend.


  • Customizing Solr Rankings with External Data, presented by Kristian Rickert and Toufique Harun from Huge
  • Large-Scale Performance Monitoring for Solr, ElasticSearch, HBase & Friends, presented by Otis Gospodneti?, author of Lucene in Action.
  • Lightning Talks By:
    • The Ladders – Techniques to Improve Relevancy. Presented by Laura Kang and Peter Pathirana
    • Shutterstock – Presented by Neil Hooey
  • Q&A

For more information please visit solrtutorials.com

To RSVP please visit meetup.com/HUGE-Tech-Events/events/69135012/

2) Event Title: Behind the Scenes with the New York Times Company R&D Venture Group
When: Thursday, July 19, 2012 @ 6:45 PM
Where: Huge BK, 45 Main St. Suite 220 Brooklyn, NY 11201
In 2006, The New York Times Company was one of the first media companies to introduce a research and development department. This year, they announced a new addition, called R&D Ventures, and two products the team is taking to market: CascadeTM and RicochetTM.

Join Huge and the NYT R&D Lab’s Director of Product Strategy and Business Development, Amy Hyde, to discuss the development, strategy, usage and future of these products, and how they affect both the technology and journalism industries.

Cascade is a data visualization tool that helps analyze the structures of content sharing on Twitter. The tool visualizes how media assets spread throughout Twitter, allowing users to see the development of a shared news-related conversation, the connection between readers and publishers, and the most dominant sharers and contributors to the conversation.

Ricochet is a social media marketing platform for brands to select articles from multiple premium publishers that relate to the brands’ messages. They can then bind their ad creative to the article and share in their owned media channels using a unique URL. The Ricochet platform can become a key component of any brand’s content marketing strategy.

To RSVP please visit meetup.com/Huge-Digital-Strategy-Events/events/71741482/