2012 Summer Season for Food Trucks in Dumbo Brooklyn

3 food trucks on corner of Washington and Front Street

If you’re a fan of food trucks, and you live or work in Dumbo, you’re in luck. The food truck world is colliding with existing lunch options in Dumbo this season. We saw new truck Shorty’s on Wheels visit over the weekend, and they’ll be in Dumbo on Wednesdays, but we’re seeing more options during the week. Here’s the food truck list in Dumbo this season:

Check each truck’s Twitter or website for the latest schedule (or follow @DumboNYC or @DUMBOFoodTrucks to get latest food truck updates). Comment if I missed anything.

Mexico Blvd Food truck

CoolhausNY Food truck

@RickshawTruck in Dumbo

There’s also Dumbo Grillo at Pearl Street Triangle, the breakfast coffee carts outside of the York Street F Station and Front/Main Street, and even a hot dog cart that’s stationed on Washington Street (at York or Front Street) during the weekend. Fancy food trucks – a welcome convenience or a sign that Dumbo has joined in the evidence that food trucks have jumped the shark? We say welcome to Dumbo as long as the food is great and not another generic ice cream truck.

hot dog cart