Chumbo is Dumbo in Chinatown?

According to a Wall Street Journal article, “Chumbo” is the newest ‘remote’ and ‘cool’ neighborhood. Notwithstanding that the area is already called Two Bridges, Chumbo is the “Dumbo of Chinatown”, near the base of the Manhattan Bridge on the Manhattan side. Of course it’s not real (and probably a tongue and cheek article), but it’s sad/funny to see how people are using name of Dumbo to convey another creative, gritty, and cool area. Of course the name Dumbo was meant to be a hideous name (as told by the artists who coined the neighborhood name) to keep gentrifiers from moving in.

From the WSJ article:
“Some now call the neighborhood Chumbo, combining the names of Chinatown and its high-brow Brooklyn neighbor across the Manhattan Bridge, Dumbo.”

“The rent is cheap—about $2,900 a month for the average three-bedroom, said Sofia Song, a senior researcher at, compared to almost $7,000 a month for a comparable unit in Dumbo. And the area is reclaiming some of the edgy cool that Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Williamsburg and Bushwick have stolen from Manhattan over the past two decades.”

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