Crossing Dumbo: Video Portrait of Ken Goto of Jacques Torres Chocolate

Episode 7: Ken Goto of Jacques Torres Chocolate (
Directed by Jim Baker
Created by David Castillo
Produced by Blue Barn Pictures, Inc. on vimeo

In this episode of Crossing Dumbo, Blue Barn Pictures interviews Ken Goto, a business partner at the popular chocolate shop, Jacques Torres Chocolate. Jacques Torres and Ken Goto have been operating in Dumbo for over ten years and a supporter of the Dumbo neighborhood’s retail growth. Ken talks about how he got started in the business and why he and Jacques fell in love with Dumbo.

Crossing Dumbo, a web series of video portraits of artists, entrepreneurs and residents in Dumbo Brooklyn. This is a collaboration between DumboNYC and our talented friends over at Blue Barn Pictures. Different directors from Blue Barn Pictures, a creative content agency, bring their own approach to each interview to create a distinct profile of the person being interviewed and place them within the Dumbo community. The group at Blue Barn Pictures truly love what they do and support the community in a positive way, and for that we’re grateful to have them be a part of Dumbo.

During the 2011 Dumbo Art Festival last week, Blue Barn Pictures showcased the Crossing Dumbo videos at their studio. A new website for Crossing Dumbo was also released last week. (photos courtesy of Blue Barn Pictures):


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